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The Demand for Truck Drivers is Predicted to Surge

70 percent of all goods in the United States are delivered by trucks. Currently, there is a shortage of 30,000 truck drivers in the United States. This is expected to grow to a shortage of 239,000 truck drivers by 2022. This makes the demand for drivers grow consistently and exponentially as the economy grows and so does the shortage. Making the trucking industry a very attractive career path with a lot of job security. This is amplified within the auto transport industry, which has some of the most precious cargo within the trucking industry, Cars! Becoming a car hauler is a great field and will continue to grow as the shortage increases. The number of cars that have exist grows exponentially as the number compounds in combination with classic cars and the millions of new cars produced each year. At Intercity Lines, we have more business than we can handle and value our drivers significantly because of this. By hauling some of the world’s most exclusive cars we cannot just hire anyone. We can only let the top drivers within the industry ship our cars; increasing their worth, pay, and job security significantly. If you’re interested in entering the trucking industry, the high end auto transport market is a very attractive career to pursue. Along with the increasing demand, drivers also get to see and drive the rarest and nicest cars in the world. Along with meeting thousands of other car lovers. Our drivers can make well over a $100,000 a year, some clearing well beyond that into the $2-300,000 range. If you’re an expert driver and love cars Apply Today

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The Future of Trucking

Volvo Vehicle Platoons

vehicle platoon






The project aims to encourage a step change in personal transport usage by developing of environmental roadtrains called platoons.

Systems will be developed facilitating the safe adoption of road trains on un-modified public highways with interaction with other traffic.

A scheme will be developed whereby a lead vehicle with a professional driver will take responsibility for a platoon. Following vehicles will enter a semi-autonomous control mode that allows the driver of the following vehicle to do other things that would normally be prohibited for reasons of safety; for example, operate a phone, reading a book or watching a movie.

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck

mercedes benz future truck

The Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025’s with his “Highway Pilot” system a consistent and realistic response to the current development – it communicates with its surroundings and drives autonomously. Autonomous driving carries through the more homogeneous traffic flow helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions significantly. Transport times are calculable. The aggregates of the trucks involved are protected by the uniform driving style. Autonomous driving is a “Can” feature – the driver is at all times free to decide to control the truck itself or to leave this to the art.

Peloton Truck Platoons 

peloton truck platoonsPeloton is an automated vehicle technology company that utilizes vehicle-to-vehicle communications and radar-based active braking systems, combined with sophisticated vehicle control algorithms, to link pairs of heavy trucks. The safety systems are always active, and when the trucks are out on the open road, they can form close-formation platoons. The system controls braking and acceleration, similar to adaptive cruise control, and drivers remain fully engaged and retain steering control. The dramatic reduction in aerodynamic drag in these platoons provides unprecedented fuel economy savings for both the trailing and the leading truck. A real-time video link lets the rear driver see the road ahead of the platoon. The more extensive data flowing from the trucks also allows new levels of diagnostics and prognostics, while empowering better drivers and stronger fleet management.


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Price of Shipping a Car

The auto transport industry has a wide range of prices from hundreds of different companies that ship cars. This price drastically changes depending on the equipment used to ship the car. The price charged reflects the cost of their equipment, the price of fuel needed to ship your car, and the quality of service you will receive.

Shipping your car on a flatbed trailer is usually the cheapest, but is the riskiest in regards to your car. Open trailers tend to be slightly more expensive and less of a risk than flatbeds. Enclosed trailers are usually more expensive than flat beds or open trailers, but typically provide a much higher level of security. A new enclosed transport rig can cost $500,000, which is reflected in the price of enclosed auto transport companies. These companies also tend to have well trained and experienced drivers and state-of-the-art equipment, in contrast to the companies that use older equipment and have lower prices.

If you receive a low quote to ship a car with an enclosed car carrier, be very wary because it is likely a broker. Brokers sell your car shipment to other drivers who are not affiliated with their own company.

At Intercity Lines, we never broker any of our shipments out. We have one of the best team of drivers and equipment, who solely drive for Intercity Lines, and handle all of our shipments. Therefore, you always know that you and your car is receiving the highest level of security and service.


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Things to Do Before Shipping a Car

  • Auto Transport Company’s Insurance:
    • Request a copy of your Auto Transport Company’s Insurance policy that shows coverage amounts for General Liability, Workmens Compensation, and Cargo Limits
    • Insurance Company names should also be listed on the copy they give you
  • How Much Gasoline to Put in a Car Before Shipping?
    • It doesn’t really matter, but don’t fill the car before shipping because hot temperatures can cause the gas to expand and possibly leak from the overflow.
  • Car Battery during Auto Transport
    • Make sure the battery is fully charged and secured before auto transport
  • Shipping A Car With Additional Items & Furniture
    • Additional items while shipping a car can cause damage, if not properly secured, during auto transport
    • The amount allowed to be shipped, with the car, depends on the company.
  • What to Tell Your Auto Transport Driver
    •  Explain those “quirky” things about your car, to the auto transport driver, such as kill switches, alarms, cut-off switches, old Fords only start in neutral, brakes only work with the motor running on some cars.  The more information your Driver has the easier it will be for him to ship your car across the country.
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Race Car Transportation

race car transportation

       Intercity Lines offers fully enclosed and insured race car transportation to and from the race track. Our drivers can pick your up car up from your driveway at home and bring it to any race track in the country safely and securely. We specialize in the transportation of vintage, classic, and contemporary racing vehicles. Intercity Lines has over thirty five years of experience with race cars and understands how to transport them, accounting for their unique bodies, low clearance, and other attributes that require the care and handling of true car enthusiasts and professionals. We assure you that our nylon straps, hydraulic lift gates, and enclosed air ride trailers will safely transport race car! If you have a group of friends or aGive us a call today and arrange transport for your next track event.

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Shipping a Car as A Snow Bird

For thirty-five years, Intercity Lines has worked with “snow birds”- individuals who are looking for a reliable and convenient way to take their beloved cars with them to warmer weather for the winter or back for the summer. These “snow birds” have been some of our most loyal customers over the years, relying on Intercity Lines to transport their cars. We safely transport their vehicles from one driveway to another so they can have their most prized vehicles at all times regardless of where the season takes them.

Intercity Lines is a family-owned, small business who takes pride in providing the highest level of quality and customer service in the auto transport industry. Our experienced drivers have fully-enclosed trailers with hydraulic lift gates to ensure safe transport. Each driver also gives all vehicles the white glove treatment, including seat covers, a cloth and plastic cover for the exterior of the car while in transport, and a thorough inspection before and after transport.  All of our drivers are customer oriented and strive to keep the customer up-to-date throughout the process of transporting their vehicle. One of our most popular routes for “snow birds”  to ship their vehicles from New England to Florida and vice versa. We run multiple trucks each week in this lane during peak migrant season which allows our customers to confidently reserve a specific week to have their car shipped.

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Intercity Lines to Update Fleet

Intercity  Lines to Update  Trucking Fleet!

with 18 New Auto Transport Trailers!

intercity lines kentucky trailer being builtDavid and Linda Wilson, the owners of Intercity  Lines, Inc, have contracted a partnership with  Kentucky Trailer Technologies to manufacture eighteen new auto transport trailers and  update the Intercity  fleet.  Each of the new fifty-three foot auto transporters feature state-of-the-art design,  including a lighter weight to optimize fuel savings. Additionally, the trailers also feature wider decks to accommodate the new and wider bodies of today’s automobiles.  The manufacturing of the new auto transporters will begin immediately, in which the last trailer is scheduled to be delivered in the fall of 2015. Kentucky Trailer Tech has built the majority of the trailers Intercity Lines currently operates, and looks forward to further collaboration with them on this four million dollar project.  Financing for the Intercity fleet update will be provided in part by the Spencer Savings Bank of Spencer, Massachusetts.

Since 1980, family owned and operated Intercity Lines has been providing automobile transportation services to European and Asian automobile manufacturers, collector car enthusiasts, automobile museums and auction companies, and has built a reputation as “America’s Premiere Auto Transport Company.”

Kentucky Trailer has been a longtime forerunner in the transportation business, tracing its legacy of innovation since its founding in 1879.  Today, Kentucky Trailer is the leading manufacturer of custom moving vans for the moving and storage industry.  Kentucky Trailer Technologies, an operating division of Kentucky Trailer based in Walled Lake, Michigan, builds a wide and diverse variety of custom trailers and specialty vehicles for auto transport companies, mobile marketing, as well as medical, command and mobile platforms for government.

Spencer Savings Bank has been a financial leader since being founded in 1871 by a group of local businessmen. Located in Spencer, Massachusetts, in addition to having branches throughout Central Mass, Spencer Savings Bank has helped countless individuals, families and business owners build greater financial security.  Intercity Lines has enjoyed a banking relationship with Spencer Savings Bank for the last twenty five years and appreciates working personally with Spencer President and CEO K. Michael Robbins and Vice President Kyle S. Bourque on the purchase of these auto transport trailers.

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Intercity Lines’ Million Mile Truck Drivers

Intercity Lines’ Million Mile Drivers

The elite group of our loyal truck drivers who have hauled cars for Intercity Lines over one million miles throughout their tenure with us. These Truck Drivers are the back bone of Intercity Lines and ensure that each car is shipped safely and quickly.