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Intercity Lines Garage, a division of Intercity Lines enclosed auto transport, is a leading specialist in the building of enclosed car carriers. We have built numerous trailers over the years and now plan to build multiple trailers every year using our 40 years of experience to perfect the auto transport trailer. Each trailer we produce has the input of all of our drivers and expert team of builders to hone the design of each trailer and to perfect each detail.

Designed for Porsche. Hand Built by Intercity Lines.

We are proud to unveil our latest build the most versatile and advanced six car enclosed auto transport trailer on the road today. This car carrier was hand built by Intercity Lines Garage utilizing our 40 years of auto transport experience and input from our expert car haulers. We were able to build a truly one of a kind car carrier design that is nearly silent during operation, operated by a wireless remote the size of your smartphone, and is one of the most adaptable hard sided enclosed trailer built to this point.

It is a 53ft trailer, and Kentucky Trailer provided the exterior shell. We then built and installed all of the interior aspects and the hydraulic liftgate. We focused on versatility and maximizing the internal space drivers have to load and secure cars. The width these trailers have is the most you will find in an enclosed car carrier and the articulating decks featured on both levels help maximize space. This width is essential when shipping supercars and large SUVs. We were also able to remove all of the piping you usually find on the ceiling of enclosed car carriers helping reduce the risk for the vehicles inside and gives the driver more room to work without worrying about hitting their head! All controls and backups are all on one-panel that features light up push button operation. Porsche supplied the great graphics for the enclosed car carrier.

Intercity Lines Garage takes great pride in this build and has already started on their next trailer build. We plan on building multiple six car carriers each year at our facility in Brookfield MA. If you’re interested in one of our trailers, visit Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale to see what’s available!

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