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Coast to Coast Auto Transport

Whether you are going to show off your prized classic car at a car show or you’re moving across the country, our coast to coast auto transport service is for you. Intercity Lines is a full-service enclosed car carrier that has been shipping cars across the country for over 40 years. During this time, we have focused on perfecting the auto transport process to make sure your car is safely delivered nationwide in a timely manner at a reasonable shipping cost. As a carrier we have our own fleet of trucks and ensure the driver shipping your car is experienced and will get it there safely.

Being a motor carrier, as opposed to an auto transport broker, allows us to control who is responsible for shipping your car as we never broker your order out to other companies. At Intercity Lines, we only hire responsible and experienced truck drivers that are passionate car lovers to ensure that your vehicle receives top of the line treatment through every step of the process. Whether you’re looking to ship your car from New York to California, Massachusetts to Texas, or Pennsylvania to Washington, our experienced team makes your life easier.

As a reputable vehicle carrier, Intercity Lines has full control over who handles your ride during our coast to coast transport services. We hire individuals who obsess over the details to ensure we handle your car with glove car from the moment the vehicle is picked up until it’s safely delivered. Our expert staff will answer all your questions, review timing, and make scheduling your car’s transport easy. Whether its a classic car, exotic car, luxury car, or a non runner we make it seamless to ship your car across the country and have the equipment and specialties to confidently provide the safest way to ship your car.

Learn How We Protect the Car You’re Shipping!

Unlike some of the competition, we use nylon straps as opposed to chains to secure your car. As you can imagine, metal chains are extremely tough on cars and are likely to chip off the paint. That is the last thing you want when you’re shipping your vehicle long distance for a car show. Our nylon straps are much softer, yet secure to ensure your car arrives in the same condition we picked it up in.

Whether you’re shipping a luxury car, exotic car, or classic cars and we protect your car from more serious damages from the start. At Intercity Lines, we load your vehicle onto the truck with a lift gate; this puts significantly less pressure on your car when compared to a ramp. Plus, our protection continues to the highway. On the open road, your car is sure to come into contact with debris including garbage, loose asphalt, and rubble from other commercial and civilian vehicles. If left in the open, your car will be unprotected and may receive damage to various areas. This is definitely something you should avoid while traveling cross country to a car show.

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If you are bringing your prized vehicle to a car show across the country, you need to be careful about security. Whether you are shipping a custom Bugatti, tricked out Lamborghini, a powerful muscle car, or an iconic model, it is best to keep these cars enclosed while traveling across the country. Not only is the trailer lockable, but the enclosed feature prevents people on the road from seeing what is in the truck.

In the extremely unlikely event that your car gets damaged, we offer first-rate insurance to ensure your protection with $2 million worth of cargo insurance.

Coast to Coast Shipping Time – How scheduling works when shipping a car coast to coast

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Whether you are shipping your car to Texas, California, Chicago, New England, Florida, New Jersey, or New York, travel times vary. Typically, each journey across the country takes around 10-14 days, at least. Our experienced team knows the best way to optimally ship your vehicle across the country, however, we suggest that you plan for a longer time period just to be safe.

Reliable Auto Transport – Nationwide coast to coast car shipping

Our high-end coast to coast car transports have developed a reputation for being careful, reliable, and professional. We have been honored to ship motorcycles, race cars, and exotic cars from a variety of celebrities including Jay Leno and Gas Monkey Garage.

At Intercity Lines, we provide quality enclosed coast to coast auto transport services. Our services are renowned across the country whether shipping for corporations, military service members, relocation, and every other car lover out there! The Intercity Lines team will ensure that your car arrives in the same condition we picked it up in. Get your coast to coast auto transport quote today!

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