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Intercity Lines is the premier classic car transportation company, from antique vehicles like Model-Ts to concours level Hot Rods. Since 1980, we’ve helped collectors and car enthusiasts transport their valuable cars across the US safely.

Our team assists in transporting your classic car. We keep you informed throughout the process and make sure it arrives at its destination. Whether you have a time sensitive classic car shipment or are buying your dream car our classic car transport team will ensure it’s a seamless process and our expert drivers will ensure your classic arrives safely.

Why Companies Choose Our Classic Car Transport Services

For over 40 years, top car auction firms like Gooding and Company consistently choose our enclosed auto transport services. Why?

For over 40 years, we have been shipping the top cars and have earned the trust of countless enthusiasts. Our expert team ensures easy nationwide shipping of cars and handles each car with white-glove care. We have set the standard for classic car transportation and treat every car we ship the same. This has allowed us to become the country’s most trusted classic car transport carrier.

Gooding and Company partners with us to ship their vintage cars for auctions. This includes their prestigious Pebble Beach, Scottsdale, and Amelia Island sales. They are one of the world’s leading collector car auctions.

Our $2 Million cargo insurance coverage throughout the shipping process puts collectors at ease. We only use closed car trailers with lift gates and never use open trailers or work with other auto transport companies.

We proudly ship vintage cars for all of their Gooding & CO auctions, offering door-to-door service (conditions may apply). We handled the secure transport of various classic cars from the 1900s to the hottest models in the last five years.

Hear from Gooding & Company’s Morgan Carter

Intercity Lines Handles Pieces of History

It’s not just auction firms that rely on Intercity Lines car shipping. Experts like Wayne Carini and celebrities like Jay Leno have acknowledged Intercity Line as the top provider of classic car transportation.

We also serve as the official classic car transporter for the Blackhawk Collection. Don Williams, a famous car expert, relies on us to transport valuable vintage cars for the Blackhawk Collection. As Williams notes:

“Professional, confidential, and on-time, they provide superior service. Simply said, Intercity is the very best in the industry. Transporting multi-million dollar cars is their specialty; no one does it better.”

When you ship with us, we will safely transport your vehicle, allowing you to rest easy as a classic car owner.


Don Williams, President and Owner of the Blackhawk Collection

Tips for classic auto transport and finding the right classic car shippers

Our tips will help you choose the classic car transporter near “me and ensure your antique car transport goes smoothly.

These tips are similar to if you’re looking to find an exotic car transport company near “me.”

How do we protect classic cars during transport?

We have been America’s premier classic car shipping company for over 40 years. Our experienced vintage car haulers handle every classic car with white-glove care. We take every step that most car shipping companies skip. We will ensure the utmost care for your classic or antique car, from seat covers to two-car covers.

Our trailers have air-ride suspension for a smooth ride and a lift gate to keep your vehicle level when loading. The enclosed trailer will also keep your car private and protected from the weather and road debris.

We can easily ship your non-running classic car with our services as long as it rolls, steers, and brakes. We will keep you updated throughout the classic car transport and are always a call away if you have questions. We take pride in being the best in car shipping and will treat your classic car as our own.

Does your classic car run, roll, steer and brake?

Be sure to notify us if your classic car does not run, roll, steer, or brake when booking your order. We transport non-running vintage cars, but there are extra charges for the necessary work to safely move and load them. We must know its condition beforehand to give you an accurate car shipping quote for planning purposes.

Delivery timeframe:

Please inform us of any specific timing needs when booking transportation for your classic car so we can accommodate them. Scheduling may take time because many people want to use our services. To help us plan, please tell us your timing needs in advance. We will make sure to meet them once we confirm.

Work with the Best-In-Class, Best-In-The-Business

If you’re an individual or organization that needs a classic car hauler, call our team. We have a reputation for being the best at transporting classic, luxury, and exotic cars. We use trained staff and modern car carriers to safely and smoothly transport your classic car.

Trust the best classic car transport company, trust Intercity Lines.

Instantly receive a quote for classic car shipping costs with our auto transport cost calculator. We strive to provide the best auto shipping service in the country at reasonable costs to ship classic vehicles.