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Owner Operator Truck Driver Position Overview

Intercity Lines‘ fleet of owner operator truck drivers are some of the most elite car haulers on the road today. We offer an extensive training program to help transfer your previous experience to car hauling. Our truck drivers are respected and trusted to haul for the most renowned manufacturers and car collectors in the world. Learn about our owner operator jobs, the key benefits to being a car hauler with Intercity Lines, the relevant job details, and how to take your first step into starting your new career in the car hauling business.

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Hear from one of our Million Mile Drivers and Owner Operator Bob Shaw

What is an owner operator car hauler?

An owner-operator truck driver is an independent business that owns and operates their own truck and trailer and run under their own authority or someone else’s authority. If you run under your own authority you are responsible for finding your own cars to ship, insurance coverage, and ensuring compliance with the DOT. Or you can lease on to a motor carrier, like Intercity Lines, to transport vehicles under the carrier’s own active authority. These motor carriers are typically hired by dealerships, auto auctions, car rental companies, and private individuals to move vehicles across the country and then dispatch these orders to owner operators leased to them.

An owner operator truck driver must have experience and knowledge of the car hauling industry, and must have the right licensing and insurance in order to operate. They are typically paid a percentage of the total cost of the load, and can make very good money if they manage their business well. Car hauling is a profitable business for many owner operators, however, they need to be prepared and know how to succeed in this business especially when it comes to effectively buying semi trucks, maintaining them, and minimizing repair costs, which can be thousands of dollars.

Key benefits our Owner Operators receive for being part of our elite Owner Operator auto transport team:

We are looking for experienced Owner Operators truck drivers to join our car hauler fleet running over the road providing impeccable service hauling cars for our renown clients.

We typically have very few if any available spots, but by applying and getting on our waitlist you can be sure to receive the latest job alert anytime an opportunity opens up. experienced car hauler, team driving positions, or an experienced driver that strives to exceed customers expectations!

As a reputable leader in the car shipping industry we are looking for driver who share our same integrity, professionalism, attention to detail, work ethic, and ability to work with others effectively. Our clients can sometimes have on demand last minute requests, so we need flexible drivers who can adapt their schedule to the freight deliveries requirements and arrange pickups around customer’s schedule.

Our owner operators receive the highest line haul split in the industry. 65% of each line haul to the truck for all miles with the ability to do at least a 100,000 miles a year with many drivers doing significantly more depending on the amount of time they choose to take off. Intercity Lines also pays for your cargo and liability insurance leaving owner operators responsible for just their bobtail insurance, workers comp, and road and fuel tax. All owner-operators receive a fuel card and get 100% of fuel discounts while other trucking companies may keep the discounts for themselves.

Earn the highest % of line haul pay in the auto transportation industry

Receive a full 65% of every line haul and one of the top average pay – highest out of the major enclosed car carriers.

Access to fleet one fuel card and 100% of the fuel discounts

Fuel card and you receive 100% of our steep fuel discounts

Every owner operator has a dedicated experienced dispatcher to assist with day to day scheduling

Each driver works with a dedicated experienced dispatcher

Transparent freight rates and owner operator settlements, so you always know the job details, deductions, and job pay ahead of time.

Always know how much each load pays before taking it. Simple 1 page settlements with each trip so you always know how much you’re getting paid, how much is taken out in deductions, and the reason behind the pay and deductions.

We don’t have a brokerage and therefore we never “self-broker” orders to ourselves. We want the owner operators we contract with to be successful, so you can continue to invest in your equipment and business, so you can continue to provide us reliable services for years to come.

Intercity Lines pays for Owner Operators cargo and liability insurance

Cargo and liability insurance 100% paid for by Intercity Lines

Pull reliable car carriers serviced, and now built, in-house by our expert team

In house trailer maintenance and trailer building, so you never have to worry about your trailer

Work America’s top car events, car auctions, and auto shows

Scottsdale auctions: you stay at a beautiful lakeside campground for free while everyone fights over dirt lots and truck stops

Pebble beach: Transport more concours/show cars to the event than any other company and enjoy our driver’s banquet where we celebrate each of you!

Be rewarded for each year you provide excellent damage free transport

Free vacation raffle each year for our top drivers that receive our 5 star award for excellent service as a car hauler and damage free transport

Car Hauler Positions Available:

Intercity Lines seek those owner operator truck driver who are professional, experienced, and ambitious people. Due to the diverse customer base we have built over the last 40 years our owner operators can run a variety of routes shipping cars depending on where they live. The majority begin in the northeast and go to nearly every point in the country. Whether it’s our immense snowbird business from the Northeast to Florida or our strong POV/OEM work to and from the entire west coast including the Northwest, California, and the Southeast. We also have regional work available in the Northeast along with work to and from Texas for an experienced car hauler.

Intercity Lines’ Car Hauler Owner Operator requirements

Intercity Lines is looking for experienced Owner Operators to join their fleet shipping cars nationwide. To qualify as an Owner Operator, applicants must have a valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL License) and a high school diploma or equivalent.

Drivers must also be 21 years of age or older, have a valid state-issued driver’s license, pass pre employment drug testing and random testing for drugs and alcohol, valid medical card issued by a DOT doctor, valid CDL license, and must be able to pass a background check. Drivers must have a clean driving record with no major moving violations.

Other requirements include familiarity with the car hauling industry, knowledge of the routes and regulations for transportation of vehicles, and knowledge of safety regulations. You also must have a reliable work truck capable of running a full load of vehicles with our 6 car carrier coast to coast pulled weekly without issue.

Your semi truck should ideally be California compliant and be presentable. Our fleet is made up of some of the nicest big bunk car New drivers who require car hauling training are responsible for paying for the training provided by one of our expert trailers.

Car Hauling Job Type: Company driving positions vs owner operator positions:

The main differences between Intercity Lines’ company driver positions and owner operator job types are the compensation and responsibilities. Company drivers are typically paid a salary or an hourly rate and are responsible for ensuring that all vehicles are loaded and transported in accordance with safety regulations and our policies.

On the other hand, owner operators are their own business, so you are an independent contract leasing to Intercity Lines, so you are responsible for providing everything required to do the job from the truck to the straps and tools required to transport cars. You are also liable for any damages, or avoidable wear & tear or damage to our trailers.

They are typically paid a percentage of the total cost of the load, are under contract with Intercity Lines, and have the responsibility of managing their own business, providing qualified drivers, equipment, and handling their own expenses. For the owner operator job type, you must have experience and knowledge of the car hauling and overall trucking industry, and must have the right licensing and insurance in order to operate.

Why should you become a car hauler leased to Intercity Lines enclosed auto transport?

There are many reasons why you should become an owner-operator leased to Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport. As an owner-operator, you get the highest line haul split in the industry at 65% of each line haul to the truck for all miles. Intercity Lines pays for your cargo and liability insurance leaving owner operators responsible for just their bobtail insurance, workers comp, and road and fuel tax. You also get a fuel card and receive 100% of Intercity Lines’ steep fuel discounts.

At Intercity Lines, we all work together to be the best in the auto transport industry

Plus, you get to be part of an elite team of car haulers and transport some of the most exclusive and rare cars in the world. While working with peers who share the same standard of integrity, work ethic, and professionalism. No one is perfect, but we all work together to be the best in the auto transport industry and we look forward to recruiting more elite car haulers to our team. Quickly apply today with our short application to end your job search with Intercity Lines.

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