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Attending a car auction is an exciting event, whether its an in-person auction house or an online car auction. The auction is full of interesting cars to check out, fellow car enthusiasts to network with, and more. If you do end up falling in love with the cars, however, the day gets even better.

After your victory in the bidding war, you need a way to get your new ride home. That’s where Intercity Lines comes in. We provide professional enclosed auto auction transport services to bring your new cars home or your vehicles being sold to the auction houses. We provide our top-tier car shipping services to all major collector car auctions including Broad Arrow, RM Sothebys, and Mecum Auctions. We also service all major online collector car auctions such as SBX CARS, Bring a Trailer, Hemmings, and Cars and Bids.

We are proudly the official car shipping partner of the prestigious Gooding & Company Auction House.

Auto auctions are also a great option if you want to make room for a new car in your collection. There are auctions all over the country attended by huge car enthusiasts, these people know and appreciate the worth of your vehicle. From California and Las Vegas to the east coast auctions are happening all over.


Whether you purchase vehicles from an online auction or visited in person, you need to get your new car home. At Intercity Lines, we are a vehicle carrier, not a broker, which means we have full control over our fleet. This allows us to pick your vehicles up from any auction and deliver it to your house in a timely manner. We take every step to ensure your auction car has extra protection from the auction lot to your home.


Parting with a member of your collection can be a tough decision. With Intercity Line’s auto auction transport service, however, the experience is much easier. Our team has transported cars all over the country for more than 40 years. To reach the full bidding potential of your vehicles, it needs to arrive in superb condition. Potential buyers will notice all the imperfections to the paint, windows, and engine. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable vehicle carrier for your auto auction transport needs to ensure your car arrived on time and in perfect condition. This experience has taught us how to minimize the potential for damage to occur during the shipping process. This is important to make sure the deal goes smoothly.

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Car auction shipping tips. For online auto auctions & in person!

Here are a few tips for shipping cars you are selling or plan to purchase at a car auction whether from online auto auctions, local auctions, or larger auctions:

  1. Research and compare auto transport companies:

    When shipping cars from auctions, it’s crucial to choose a reputable enclosed auto transport company like Intercity Lines. Research and compare providers based on their reputation, services offered, and pricing. Seek recommendations, read reviews, and utilize online directories to make an informed decision.

  2. Get an Instant car shipping quote:

    Intercity Lines makes it easy to confirm the cost to ship your car to or from an auction with our instant quote calculator. Get a quote instantly and book your order with no deposit required. Our team is experienced with car auctions and will work to ensure we meet their deadlines and make the process seamless.

  3. Opt for enclosed transport:

    Ensure the utmost protection for your valuable auction vehicles by selecting enclosed transport. Intercity Lines exclusively provides enclosed car shipping with lift gate loading, offering the highest level of security and safety during transportation.

  4. Schedule the transport:

    Provide our experienced auction transport team the deadlines for the auction and we’ll ensure we meet them without issue. We have worked with the country’s top auction houses for decades and are accustomed to the process and will ensure your vehicle gets picked up or delivered to auction seamlessly.

  5. Take delivery of your car:

    Upon arrival at the destination, thoroughly inspect your cars with our driver for any potential damage incurred during transport. If you identify any issues, promptly report them to the driver and document them with photographs. Intercity Lines, with over 40 years of experience, stands by our services, ensuring swift resolution of any transport-related damage with zero deductible for you. All claims need to be submitted at delivery.

Discuss transit time with auto shipper

Also ensure to understand the estimated transit time to ensure timely delivery of your vehicle from an auction. Some companies use terminals to store your vehicle during transit, which delays transit time.

Intercity Lines, provide only door-to-door transport, which means your car stays on the same truck and goes directly from the origin to the destination ensuring the quickest transit times. We never use terminals or warehouse for this reason among countless others.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you will likely need to pay for the car and any applicable fees within a certain timeframe after the auction ends. Be sure to read the terms of the auction and understand the payment and pickup requirements to ensure the process is seamless.

We go the extra mile during every step of our shipping services.

When loading your vehicle into our truck, we use a lift gate as opposed to a ramp like other carriers ensuring safe loading for low clearance and high performance vehicles. Next, our team uses our soft nylon straps to secure your car in. Other carriers and brokers use chains, which cause scratches and other imperfections. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is properly protected with the right equipment. Our enclosed car auction transport services ensure this as an enclosed trailer protects against weather, debris, and more from the auction site to your home.

With Intercity Lines, each load of cars is protected with our $2 million worth of cargo insurance.

Whether this is your 1st or 100th time using a car shipping company to transport your car to or from the car auctions, here are some helpful tips & reminders to ensure it goes seamlessly.

Intercity Lines will ensure your vehicle is delivered safe every time

We understand what your new purchase may mean to you. Whether it’s an investment, dream car, or a token piece in the collection we will take care of your vehicle every step of the way. Only trust the best with your new auction purchase. Trust intercity lines for your next auto auction shipping company to get your car home safely anywhere in the country whether to the Northeast, Texas, Chicago, California, or the Pacific Northwest.

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