Enclosed Auto Auction Transport

Enclosed Auto Auction Transport

Attending a car auction is an exciting event, even if you don’t end up buying a vehicle. The auction is full of interesting cars to check out, fellow car enthusiasts to network with, and more. If you do end up falling in love with a car, however, the day gets even better.

After your victory in the bidding war, you need a way to get your new ride home. That’s where Intercity Lines comes in. We provide professional enclosed auto auction transport services to bring your car home.

Auto auctions are also a great option if you want to make room for a new car in your collection. There are auctions all over the country attended by huge car enthusiasts. These people know and appreciate the worth of your vehicle.

To reach the full bidding potential of your car, it needs to arrive in superb condition. Potential buyers will notice all the imperfections to the paint, windows, and engine. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable vehicle carrier for your auto auction transport needs.


Whether you bought the vehicle from an online auction or visited in person, you need to get your new car home. At Intercity Lines, we are a vehicle carrier, not a broker, which means we have full control over our fleet. This allows us to pick your car up from any auction and deliver it to your house in a timely manner.


Parting with a member of your collection can be a tough decision. With Intercity Line’s car auction shipping, however, the experience is much easier. Our team has transported cars all over the country for more than 10 years. This experience has taught us how to minimize the potential for damage to occur during the shipping process. This is important to make sure the deal goes smoothly.

We go the extra mile during every step of the process. When loading your vehicle into our truck, we use a lift gate as opposed to a ramp like other carriers. This helps protect your car from serious damage that may come from an improper distribution of weight. Next, our team uses our soft nylon straps to secure your car in. Other carriers and brokers use chains, which cause scratches and other imperfections. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is properly protected with our enclosed car auction transport services, as an enclosed truck protects against weather, debris, and more.

With Intercity Lines, your deal is protected with our $2 million worth of cargo insurance.

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