Buying a Car on Bring a Trailer and Shipping it with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport!

Buying a Car on Bring a Trailer and Shipping it Home.

Are you looking to buy a car on Bring a Trailer, but need help getting your new vehicle home? Our enclosed auto transport services make it easy to bring your new car home after the Bring a Trailer auction.

We specialize in all types of vehicles, including classics, exotics, and luxury vehicles. This blog will guide you on buying a car from Bring a Trailer and having it delivered to your home. Additionally, we will provide advice on choosing the appropriate car transport service for your needs.

What is Bring a Trailer and Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport?

Bring a Trailer is a website where people can buy classic carsluxury cars, and motorcycles nationwide. Created by car lover Randy Nonnenberg in San Francisco, it’s now one of the leading vehicle transport bidding sites.

Every day, they have auctions with countless cars from all over the country. The BAT team and community give you all the information you need to bid confidently. Whether you’re buying or selling a car, their team helps make it easy.

Intercity Lines is a top auto transport company that ships vehicles safely and securely nationwide. For over 40 years, our experienced team has proudly shipped the world’s rarest cars. We ensure safe and timely delivery of your new classic car, exotic car, truck, or luxury vehicle. Our expert team will handle your car with white-glove care and ship it in a trailer that is state of the art.

Benefits of Buying a Car Through Bring a Trailer

When you buy a car through Bring a Trailer, you can be sure you’re purchasing a vehicle vetted by the BAT auctions team and the strong BAT community. You can find unique cars for sale with all the information, comparison prices, and many photos you need to confidently bid on your car. BAT also has an active community who will share their thoughts on the car for auction. The purchase process will be smooth if you win the bid and your offer is higher than the reserve price.

With BAT’s online car auction model, there’s no need to negotiate or spend much time at a car dealership dealing with the hassle. Use Bring a Trailer’s search to easily find and buy your desired car from anywhere in the US. Then, rely on Intercity Lines to safely deliver it to your doorstep.

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Why Choose Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport?

Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport is the perfect choice for shipping your new car from Bring a Trailer. We focus on safe and secure auto transport in enclosed trailers, the best way to ship vehicles. We never offer open transport, which exposes your car to many risks. Our Bring a Trailer trucks are state of the art and will ensure the safest transport for your vehicle.

We carefully load your car onto a closed trailer. We secure it with gentle nylon ties and cover it two car covers to protect it. Our drivers will use floor mats and seat covers to keep your interior clean.

We constantly monitor your car throughout the process to ensure its safety. The extra steps we take will ensure that we fully protect your vehicle during transport.

We know how Bring a Trailer works and will ensure that shipping your new car home goes seamlessly. We can coordinate with your Bring a Trailer contacts to schedule our enclosed trailer car transport around everyone’s availability.

We are not an auto transport broker and will never use 3rd parties to ship your car. We will only ship your car with our dedicated in-house fleet.

We offer a service that involves picking up the vehicle from the seller and delivering it directly. We do not use any warehouses or terminals in this process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Car on Bring a Trailer and Shipping it with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport

Buying a car on Bring a Trailer and shipping it with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport is simple. We will safely deliver your new vehicle to your home.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Start browsing Bring a Trailer vehicle listings for your desired car. You can use the search filters to narrow down the list of vehicles for sale and their sale price.

2. Once you’ve found the car you want, whether exotic or classic vehicles, place a bid on it.

3. If you win the auction, pay for the car.

4. Get an instant car shipping quote and book your transport with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport. We specialize in shipping Bring a Trailer auction cars. We do not require a deposit to book your car’s transport.

5. Our skilled drivers will ship your car using our enclosed car trailers with hydraulic lifts. Our driver will take good care of your car. They will use straps, mats, seat covers, and two car covers to keep it safe. Our trucks are the most secure way to ship your car.

6. We will monitor and track the car throughout its journey. Our driver will contact you directly to keep you informed. They are always willing to give you an update whenever you need it.

7. Once the car reaches its destination, our driver will carefully unload it. At delivery, the driver will review the car’s inspection with you to ensure the car arrived safely.

8. Enjoy your new car you bought on Bring a Trailer!

BAT shipping with Intercity Lines Nationwide Car Shipping service

You can buy a car on Bring a Trailer. Then, you can ship it with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport. This is a convenient way to get the vehicle you want without the hassle of going to a dealership. Use Bring a Trailer to easily find your desired car, and trust Intercity Lines to ship it safely.

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