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Whether you need to take your prized vehicle to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, or Detroit for the auto shows or to America’s top concourses, let Intercity Lines handle the car shipping to ensure seamless service and that your show cars are transported on time, handled with care, and delivered in the same condition they were picked up in.

We are a full-service carrier that many have trusted with some of the most valuable cars for over 10 years. Our show car transport services are carried out by our very own team from start to finish of the car shipping process. Intercity Lines is a vehicle carrier, as opposed to an auto transport broker, which means we have full control of our fleet and the employees that operate the trucks. This gives us the advantage of controlling where our trucks go and we know who will handle your car.

We have spent over 40 years building our state of the art car carrier fleet to ensure we have the capabilities to accommodate our customers’ nationwide car shipping needs. Our fleet of professional car haulers are trusted to transport award winner priceless vehicles including countless Pebble Beach Best of Show winners.

At Intercity Lines, we only hire the best and most passionate car enthusiasts to handle your vehicle. Our team understands the value of your show car and they will treat it with the care it deserves and provide the exceptional customer service you deserve. Our nationwide car vehicle shipping with our enclosed car transporters makes it easy to ship classic cars, exotic cars, and luxury cars to any show in the country. Receive an instant car shipping quote and rest assured there are no hidden fees, your final price is the full price out the door, and it includes top tier insurance coverage.

The auto transport service you choose will decide if your show car shows up in pristine condition or with damage

We go through extraordinary measures to make sure your vehicle arrives to the show in pristine condition. It all starts at the pickup. Unlike some of the competition, we don’t use a ramp during the loading process. Using a ramp increases the likelihood of scratches and more serious damage caused especially with low clearance or high performance vehicles. Every car carrier in our fleet uses hydraulic lift gates to safely load and unload all types of show cars.

To properly display your car, it can’t have any scratches or imperfections. We limit the potential for scratches by using nylon straps to secure your vehicle in the truck. Opposed to chains, our nylon straps won’t cause any scratches on the car’s paint or produce other damage.

Our enclosed show car transport services keep your vehicle safe throughout the drive. Since the car is surrounded by walls, it is protected from weather, asphalt, debris, and theft.

As a reputable carrier, Intercity Lines stands behind our professional services. If something does happen to your show car during the transport process, you are protected with $2 million worth of cargo insurance. We are a carrier not an auto transport broker, so you’re always dealing directly with the company shipping your car as we will never broker your order out.

Shipping time and scheduling your car show vehicle shipping with a reputable and reliable company

We have proven ourselves as a reliable vehicle carrier that will get your car to the auto show on time. Shipping depends how far away the auto show is; however, most trips take 7 to 10 days.

When the show is over, we bring your car back with the same care.

Trust the best auto transport company when shipping your car to an auto show or concours. Trust Intercity Lines

Since 1980, Intercity Lines has been provide long distance car shipping the country’s most renown car shows and concourses. Intercity Lines is a trusted vehicle carrier that has been in business for over 40 years. We provide an array of covered car transport services to meet your car shipping needs and use our own drivers. Our team of experienced car enthusiasts is specially trained to ensure that your car arrives to the auto show in pristine condition. We use a lift gate to load the car and nylon straps to secure it in the truck, which helps to limit the potential for scratches.

Additionally, we provide $2 million worth of cargo insurance coverage on every load to protect your vehicle and others until they are safely delivered, so you can rest easy that the vehicle insured is in expert care with our car transporters, but in the unlikely event something does happen it’ll be taken care of at 0 deductible to you.

Receive an instant car shipping quote for shipping your vehicles or motorcycle to your next big auto show!

Whether you’re shipping a classic car, exotic car, or luxury car Intercity Lines can provide seamless and convenient nationwide auto transport to make it easy to ship them to any car show in the country.

Receive an instant quote for our enclosed auto shipping services and book your car’s transport instantly with no deposit or credit card information required!

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