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Our Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Intercity Lines nationwide car shipping services provides the highest standard of safety and security in the enclosed auto transport industry. We have been perfecting the transport of cars and motorcycles since 1980 and offer door to door (some restrictions may apply), coast to coast enclosed auto transport services. We are a covered car transport carrier, not a auto transport broker, and have a fleet of expert drivers and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure your car has the safest and most secure journey possible. Our experienced staff and drivers make shipping a car easy whether it’s your first time buying a car at an auction or an auto manufacturer trying to meet an end-of-quarter deadline. Our trailers all have liftgates for easy loading and unloading along with articulating decks. Because the trailers are fully enclosed, your vehicle is sheltered from the elements outside. Intercity Lines makes shipping an exotic car or a classic car easy.

We work with some of the best customers whether they are shipping their car from New York to Florida, buying a car at an auction, or rolling out a new car model, and we look forward to helping you ship your car!

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At Intercity Lines we provide a full array of auto transport services including:

Coast to Coast Auto Transport: Intercity Lines has been providing coast to coast car transport services for four decades and are experts in shipping all types of vehicles. Our drivers are well-versed when it comes to delivering classic cars, modern sports vehicles, and exotic autos. Our enclosed car carriers run from New England to California and back on a weekly basis. We also offer regular car shipping services between the Northwest and Northeast regions.

Enclosed transport of motorcycles: Intercity Lines provides an enclosed vehicle transportation service for motorcycles, tricycles, and other custom-made motorcycles. Our service enables quick and effortless nationwide shipping. No packing or encasing is necessary, as you can ship your bike as it is. Our flat-floored, fully enclosed trailers, and soft bindings ensure your motorcycle is protected until it reaches its destination, be it a motorcycle show or its new home.

Shipping a car to Florida or the southwest. Intercity Lines  provides a reliable car shipping service to those travelling to Florida and the Southwest. People who are moving to these warmer areas for the winter, often referred to as snowbirds, can take advantage of our weekly transport service. We have been trusted by many customers over the years to move their cars from places such as Cape Cod and the islands, New Jersey, or Long Island, New York. We make the process of transporting your vehicle to these warmer climates a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

Classic Car Shipping: Intercity Lines stands out as the premier classic car transportation carrier nationwide. Our enclosed classic car shipping services are well-suited to safely transport any make and model of car. Our well-trained drivers take the greatest care when delivering your classic car. To further guarantee the secure transport of your classic car, our enclosed car carriers are equipped with hydraulic lift gates & articulating interior decks to ensure your vehicle stays level at all times. We are aware that transporting a classic car is a complex operation, and our team is prepared to make it as hassle-free as can be. Even if your classic car won’t run, you can still trust us to ship it across the nation. With our experienced drivers and enclosed carriers, you can be sure that your classic vehicle will arrive at its destination in one piece.

Exotic Car Transport: Intercity Lines is the premier provider of exotic car transport services. We specialize in shipping a wide variety of luxury, classic, and sports cars. Our experienced drivers will ensure that your vehicle will reach its destination in pristine condition with our enclosed car transportation service. Our trailers are equipped with hard side walls and lift gates, air ride suspension, interior articulating ramps, and E-track flooring. Our 10,000-pound hydraulic lift gates provide a level platform for loading and unloading your vehicle. We also provide additional services such as motorcycle and race car transport and our team has the knowledge and expertise to ship your exotic car anywhere in the country. Thanks to our experienced drivers and enclosed car carriers, you can rest assured that your exotic car will be safely and securely delivered to its destination. Wherever you need to ship your exotic vehicle we can be your exotic car transport company near “me”.

Shipping a car or motorcycle that you bought or sold: Intercity Lines is the perfect choice for those looking to ship a car or motorcycle they have bought or sold. We understand the importance of smoothly executing the sale, which is why we work with buyers and sellers regularly to guarantee the process goes off without a hitch. Furthermore, we can provide final payment to the seller once the vehicle is collected to ensure a safe and secure transaction when buying or selling a car, something that other car shipping companies cannot guarantee.

New England Auto Transport: Intercity Lines provides reliable and secure car shipping in the New England area. We have 2 car carrier and 3 Enclosed Car Carrier options for transporting your classic cars, luxury cars, and exotic cars. Our expedited door-to-door (some restrictions may apply) service allows us to pick up and deliver to all major airports throughout New England, so you can trust us to get your car to its destination safely and securely.

Race car transportation to and from the track for meets and events. Intercity Lines provides race car transportation for meets and events, both to and from the track. Our drivers are specially trained to safely transport race cars, which have low clearance and delicate bodies and engines. Our lift gate loaded trailers can securely transport race cars to the majority of race tracks in the country. We also offer car storage at the meet, allowing you to leave your race car in a secure location after a long day of racing.

Auto Show transportation with a guaranteed on-time arrival. Intercity Lines guarantees on-time auto show transportation. We understand the effort it takes to prepare a car for an auto show, which is why our car shipping experts will provide you with peace of mind with timely deliveries to and from the show. Our drivers will ensure that your car shows up in the same condition it left your garage.

Relocation services for companies or individuals moving homes or offices. Intercity Lines provides relocation services for companies or individuals moving homes or offices. Our enclosed fleet of car carriers can help you move your personal cars or corporate cars to your new home or office. We are aware of how stressful moving can be and we will work with you to accommodate your moving schedule. This is something that other car transport companies and alternative car shipping methods such as long distance towing or drive-away cannot provide.

Car Auction Transport: Intercity Lines offers car auction transport to and from the country’s largest car auctions. We have been serving the major car auctions for years with our car hauling fleet and are the in-house carrier for the prestigious Gooding and Company. With our car shipping services, you can count on your new classic car, luxury car, or exotic car arriving and departing in the same condition.

Airport pickups and delivery: Intercity Lines offers on-time pickups and deliveries of cars to airports across the nation. Our car shipping experts make airport car pickups and deliveries easy for imports, exports, or just getting a car across the country the next day.

Corporate Auto Transport: Intercity Lines provides specialized corporate auto transport services for car museums, auto dealers, and auto manufacturers. We offer a fully customizable technology package, including EDI integration, on-demand tracking, and custom shipping portals to keep you up to date on all of your car shipments. Our expertise, auto transport experts, high quality equipment, and technology make us the right choice for your car shipping needs.

How Intercity Lines Protect the Car You’re Shipping!

Why choose Intercity Lines for your auto transport needs?

We are an enclosed auto transport company you can trust!

We are a family owned and operated company!

David and Linda Wilson founded Intercity Lines, an enclosed auto transport company, in 1980. They run the company to this day with the help of their son Dean. The Wilsons have set the standard for enclosed auto transport services for over years hauling the world’s rarest cars for the nation’s top collectors, restoration shops, and museums.

We are an auto transport Carrier, not a Broker!

We never broker your order out to other companies. Our fleet of enclosed auto transporters drive exclusively for us ensuring that you will only be dealing with our drivers and our office. To learn more about the differences between brokers and carriers read: Be Wary of Auto Transport Brokers or Auto Transport: Types of Companies

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Top of the line auto transport equipment!

Fully enclosed automobile trailers:

Intercity Lines only uses fully enclosed auto transport trailers to ship customer vehicles. All of our fully enclosed trailers are hard-sided and liftgate loaded. Each car carrier is equipped with air ride suspension, E-track flooring, and advanced interior articulating ramps.

10,000 Pound Hydraulic Lift Gates

Each Intercity Lines enclosed auto transport trailer have a 10,000-pound hydraulic lift gate. These lift gates ensure your car is always level from loading to unloading, which prevents strain on the car’s drive train and suspension system. It also allows for safe loading and unloading of a vehicle with low ground clearance.

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Top of the line protection for your vehicle:

Fully Insured with $2 Million Cargo Insurance

$2 Million Cargo Insurance protects your vehicle throughout its entire journey, so you never have to worry!

Nylon Wheel Tie Downs – Not Chains!

Intercity Lines only uses nylon wheel tie downs to secure vehicles. These go over the rubber of the tire, and our drivers check these straps multiple times a day to ensure your car is safe and secure. Many companies use chains that can cause damage to the vehicle you’re shipping whether it’s a chain chipping the paint or the driver securing the chains too tight, so the frame or chassis bends. Intercity Lines never secures vehicles using chains. Using nylon wheel tie downs is the best way to secure a car and the only way Intercity Lines secures vehicles for transport.

We track your car from pick up to delivery!

Our onboard Satellite Tracking System tracks each vehicle throughout its journey, so we always know the exact location of your car at any point through the vehicle transportation service. Our office will happily provide location updates upon request when shipping a car. We offer 24/7 tracking to car manufacturers upon request to help to make their logistically planning and wholesaling easier.

2 Layers of protection protect each car throughout its journey!

Each car is covered with a cloth cover and then a plastic cover, which gives your car the extra protection it needs; from dust to oil.

We keep your interior clean!

Seat Covers and Floor Mats are placed in your vehicle to keep the interior clean!

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the inside of an enclosed car trailer

Intercity Lines are experts in enclosed auto transportation services and have helped thousands of happy customers ship their vehicles across the country. We are family owned and take pride in every car we ship. Our enclosed vehicle transport team understands the importance these vehicles can have to our clients and we treat them like they were our own. We take all the steps to make it easy and stress-free for you to ship your car and can assure the safe and secure transport of your vehicle.