shipping a motorcycle


Intercity Lines offers nationwide fully enclosed motorcycle transport services. We provide nationwide motorcycle shipping services that allow you to ship the bike as is and do not require you to crate it. Our expert drivers use nylon tie downs to secure your motorcycle and our fully enclosed motorcycle transport trailers ensure it’s protected throughout its journey. Our lift gates make loading and unloading easy, and our professional drivers keep you up to date throughout transit.

If you need to ship a motorcycle, Intercity Lines makes nationwide motorcycle shipping easy and affordable.


Nationwide enclosed motorcycle shipping service

Nationwide coverage – Intercity Lines offer fully enclosed motorcycle transport services to the entire continental United States. Whether you’re shipping a bike, you just bought cross country or transporting your motorcycle down to your winter home Intercity Lines has you covered.

Door to door motorcycle shipment

Door to Door transport (some restrictions may apply) – ensures our motorcycle carriers get as close to your home as possible for pickup and delivery of your motorcycle!

We are a motor carrier not a motorcycle shipping broker

We are a nationwide motorcycle shipping Carrier and never broker your order out to other companies. A carrier ships your motorcycle with their trucks and drivers. A broker books your order and then bids it out to other companies. Typically going with the company that will ship it the cheapest and the difference is their profit. They typically require a deposit. To tell whether a company is a broker or a carrier search them on for a full description.

Ship your motorcycle as is! Most motorcycle shipping companies require boxing or crating of your motorcycle for the motorcycle shipping process

No boxing or crating. Ship your motorcycle as is! Our E-track and lift gate systems allow us to ship motorcycles of any size, as is, safely and securely. While most companies make you crate or pallet your motorcycle at an additional cost.

No additional insurance required with $2 million cargo insurance coverage with 0 deductible to you

$2 Million of Cargo Insurance covers your motorcycle during the entire transportation process. (Most motorcycle transportation companies have as little as $15,000 of insurance and charge you for additional coverage. They often make you pay a deductible as well. Intercity Lines never charges a deductible and makes filing a claim fast and easy.

Enclosed trailers with liftgate loading and interior articulating decks.

Our enclosed trailers with liftgate loading and interior articulating decks makes loading and unloading your motorcycle, tricycle, enduro bike, Harley Davidson, etc safe and easy! Our enclosed transport trailer will protect your bike from weather, road debris, onlookers, and will ensure it arrives in the same condition it was picked up in. As opposed to shipping a motorcycle or car with an open trailer where your motorcycle is exposed to those risks especially road debris and bad weather.

Nylon tie-downs to secure your motorcycle in our enclosed shipping trailer

Nylon tie-downs secure your motorcycle without risk of damaging the paint or the motorcycle. Our truck driver will go the extra mile and use microfiber towels between the strap and bike when necessary to further protect the motorcycle.

Ship your motorcycle as is!

Our nationwide motorcycle transport service does not require crates or pallets! Nylon straps safely secure your motorcycle during transport.

Motorcycle Secured for Transport

Lift gate loading makes loading your motorcycle safe and easy!

motorcycle on liftgate

We do not require a deposit to book your motorcycle shipping order.

We do not take a deposit to book your motorcycle transport like most motorcycle transport companies and auto transport companies! Simply receive an instant motorcycle shipping quote and book your order with no deposit or credit card information whether using our motorcycle or enclosed auto transport services.

Cancel your order at any time before pick up is confirmed at no cost to you. We will collect the full price of the shipment when we arrange pick up or you can give it directly to the driver when the carrier arrives at pick up or delivery.

Always pair a fair price for superior service when shipping a motorcycle

You will always pay competitive motorcycle shipping costs when transporting motorcycles with Intercity Lines in our fully enclosed carrier. We may not be the cheapest cost to ship compared to other shipping companies, but we will make the entire process of transporting motorcycles seamless and will ensure your motorcycle arrives in the same condition we picked it up in.

Guaranteed timing available for pickups and delivery at an additional cost

Our normal motorcycle transport service price to ship your motorcycle is for flexible scheduling where we will pick up your bike as soon as possible upon it becoming available for pick up. We will do our best to advise on an estimate for pick up at the time of booking of your motorcycle shipping quote and order for our enclosed transport.

Based on availability, we will guarantee timing for an additional charge to offset the costs we may incur to meet those dates by running a truck out of route or by passing other cars and motorcycles to stay on schedule. Be sure to discuss your timing needs with the motorcycle transport company ahead of time to ensure you get accurate motorcycle shipping quotes and they can meet your needs.

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