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Nationwide Enclosed Motorcycle Transport Services

Intercity Lines offers nationwide fully enclosed motorcycle transport services. We ship motorcycles nationwide without needing you to package or crate them.

Our drivers are skilled, and they use soft nylon straps to secure your motorcycle. Additionally, our enclosed trailers ensure the safety of your bike during our convenient door-to-door service. Our lift gates make loading and unloading your motorcycle safe and easy. Our drivers keep you updated and treat your bike with white glove care.

With our years of experience, Intercity Lines makes nationwide motorcycle shipping easy.

Door-to-door motorcycle shipment

We offer door-to-door transport for motorcycles, with some restrictions. Our carriers will come as close to your home as possible for pickup and delivery.

We are a motor carrier, not a broker.

We are a motor carrier and never broker your order to other motorcycle shippers. A carrier ships your motorcycle with their trucks and drivers. A broker books your order and then bids it out to other companies.

Typically, they go with the company that will ship it for a low cost and the difference is their profit. Brokers often require a deposit to book your order, which is usually their commission to ship your motorcycle cross-country. This is why brokers often have a much lower quality of service than going with a trusted carrier.

To tell if they are a broker or a carrier, look them up at for a full overview.

Ship your bike as is!

Most motorcycle shipping companies require boxing or crating for shipping.

Preparing your motorcycle for transport is easy with Intercity Lines. We ship all types of motorcycles as is without the need for packing it in a box or crate.

Transport your bike as is with peace of mind with our door-to-door motorcycle shipping! We can safely ship motorcycles of any size using our motorcycle enclosed trailer, E-track, and lift gate systems. Most motorcycle hauling companies make you crate or pallet your bike at an additional cost.

$2 million cargo insurance

$2 Million of Cargo Insurance covers your motorcycle during transportation with zero deductible for you. Always get a copy of the motorcycle transport company’s insurance coverage before trusting them to ship your bike.

Enclosed trailers with liftgate loading

Our trailers have a liftgate and rotating decks inside. This feature ensures the safe and easy loading and unloading of motorcycles and cars. Our trailer protects your bike from the elements, dirt, and unwanted attention.

It ensures that we will deliver your bike in the same condition as when we collected it. Shipping a motorcycle or car with an open trailer exposes your motorcycle to risks such as road debris and bad weather.

Lift gate loading makes loading your motorcycle safe and easy!

motorcycle on liftgate

Nylon tie-downs to secure your motorcycle

Nylon tie-downs secure your motorcycle safely inside our enclosed trailers. Our drivers will take the extra steps to ensure your bike will be safe during transport. They also check all bikes and cars often while driving down the road to make sure they are safe and secure.

We do not require a deposit

We do not take a deposit or credit card to book your motorcycle’s transport! You can get a quick, instant shipping quote for motorcycle shipping and book without any upfront payment.

We will collect the full payment for the shipment when we call to confirm the pickup date. We take Visa, MasterCard, cash, cashiers checks, and money wires for payment methods. We do not take American Express or personal checks.

We will not deliver the car or bike until we have taken full payment. You must pay a fee to cancel your order once our team has confirmed a pick up date.

Always pair a fair price for white glove care.

You will always pay competitive motorcycle shipping costs with us. We only use our in-house fleet of fully enclosed motorcycle carriers when transporting motorcycles.

Companies’ pricing varies depending on equipment, insurance, driver quality, and technology. Our service provides the highest level of quality in the motorcycle transport industry.

We have the best from our drivers and customer service to our Motorcycle Trailers. We may not be the cheapest shipping cost compared to other motorcycle haulers, but are one of the best. We will ensure your bike arrives in the same condition we picked it up in.

Motorcycle Secured for Transport

Scheduling your motorcycle transport

We price our regular motorcycle transport service for flexible scheduling. We will advise on a pick-up estimate when booking your motorcycle shipping order for our enclosed transport. We always strive for quick shipping.

We can arrange for specific timing to meet an exact pickup or delivery date for an extra cost. The cost covers the expenses of adjusting our routes or overtaking other vehicles. The purpose is to ensure prompt pick up or delivery.

Please let us know ahead of time when you need your motorcycle shipped. This will allow us to provide accurate quotes and ensure we meet your timing needs.

Your trusted partner for nationwide shipping

We are a leading provider of nationwide motorcycle shipping services. Our fully enclosed transport protects your bike from the weather and road debris, giving you peace of mind. Our experienced drivers use soft nylon straps to secure your bike, and our lift gates make loading and unloading easy.

We know shipping your motorcycle can be stressful, so our expert team makes it easy for you. We offer door-to-door service and keep you updated throughout the shipping process.

We ship your bike as is, no need to crate or package it for shipping. We can ship any size motorcycle, and we’ll make sure it arrives safely and on time with our cross country shipping.

Receive an instant motorcycle shipping quote and book your order today with our nationwide services!

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