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Are you looking for a reliable, secure, and professional way to transport your exotic car with a company near you? Intercity Lines is the perfect choice for you and will make shipping a car easy! Intercity Lines has been transporting cars and motorcycles since 1980 as the US’s premier enclosed auto transport service. We often work with luxury car brands like McLaren, Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, and Koenigsegg at Intercity Lines.

Intercity Lines has been America’s premier enclosed auto transport company.

Since 1980, we’ve been the leading exotic car transport company in the United States. Whether you’re shipping exotic carsluxury vehiclesclassic cars, or valuable vehicles, our enclosed car transportation services ensure your vehicle reaches its destination safely, soundly, and securely.


Intercity Lines has been setting the standard for American auto shipping with our white glove enclosed transport services. From start to finish, our expert car shipping will still make the shipping process easy when shipping an exotic car, and our high levels of insurance coverage will ensure your valuable vehicle is fully protected with no deductible.

We will handle your exotic car with the same premium service we use for our supercar manufacturer clients. We only handle your vehicle with our fleet of enclosed carriers, experienced professionals, and white glove service at a reasonable price.

Our enclosed auto transport trailers will provide the extra protection your exotic or luxury car needs that open car transport can’t provide

Intercity Lines’ trailers are fully enclosed, so you can rest assured your car won’t be exposed to the elements. Our exotic car shipping trailers are hard-sided and liftgate-loaded. Each exotic car hauler includes air ride suspension, interior articulating ramps, and E-track flooring with nylon strap securement. Our 10,000-pound hydraulic lift gates keep your vehicle level while we load and unload the trailer.

In addition to our fully enclosed exotic car shipping services, we have more than 40 years of experience offering nationwide exotic car transport. We also specialize in motorcycle and race car transport. Our decades of experience providing white-glove enclosed car shipping services give us the knowledge and know-how to ship your exotic car anywhere in the country in the perfect condition it left your garage in.


Several exotic and luxury car clubs and organizations choose Intercity Lines as we are the best-in-class carrier for exotic car transport. Intercity Lines is proud to be the official auto transporter of notable exotic car events, museums, and auctions.

These prestigious events, museums, and auctions trust our vehicle transport services because of our expertise and pride in delivering every car with the utmost care. Exotic car enthusiasts and clubs trust Intercity Lines because we pair state-of-the-art technology with our first-hand experience.

Any time we transport a car, especially with our exotic car transport services, we use special nylon ties that do not touch any part of the vehicle other than the rubber tires. These straps don’t strain the car and can safely secure even larger vehicles in our enclosed transport. Our hydraulic liftgates ensure stability, and we have the best drivers in the industry.

We use satellite tracking to ensure we know your car’s exact location. As a luxury and exotic auto transport company, we are also fully bonded and insured with $2 million in cargo insurance, so your investment is always secure with our regular car transport. Our team sets American auto shipping standards for auto shipping with our top-tier service at a reasonable final price.

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Intercity Lines provides the highest standard of safety and security in the enclosed auto transport industry. We have been perfecting the transport of cars and motorcycles since 1980 and offer door-to-door (some restrictions may apply), coast-to-coast enclosed auto transport services. Our trailers have liftgates and articulating decks for easy loading and unloading of exotic vehicles and other low-clearance cars.

Our experienced staff and drivers also simplify shipping an exotic, luxury, or classic car. Whether it’s your first time buying your prized possession at a car auction or an auto manufacturer trying to meet an end-of-quarter exact date deadline, our team can help with a fair final price.

Therefore, we are the perfect choice for shipping an exotic car. We offer a reliable and secure enclosed shipping service with top-of-the-line equipment, experienced staff and truck drivers, and door-to-door service (some restrictions may apply). Intercity Lines can also ship non-running cars as long as they roll, steer, and brake.

Learn why C-suite executives, celebrities, and everyday car enthusiasts trust Intercity Lines’ door-to-door service when they ship exotic vehicles. Whether you are shipping a luxury car, a new car, a classic car, or an exotic car, our enclosed trailers and team will provide professional service, insurance, and shipping options for flawless transport.

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