Luxury Car Shipping Services

At Intercity Lines, we do more than transport cars—we’re car enthusiasts ourselves. That’s why when an individual or business comes to us to ship a luxury car, we understand how serious of an investment they’ve made in their vehicle whether fiscally or sentimentally. We also acknowledge that our clients invest a lot of trust in our luxury car shipping services everytime we ship one of their cars. Thats why Intercity Lines ensures our expert car haulers treat every car the same and take every step to protect each vehicle. Our top of the line enclosed car carriers with air ride suspension and lift gate loading protect your vehicle every mile of the car’s journey.

Three Decades of Experience and Trust

Intercity Lines was established in 1980 by David and Linda Wilson. Over the past four decades, we’ve worked to provide the first-class service to transform a family business into an industry leader and the most trusted car carrier. We’ve done this by listening to what our clients wanted from an auto transportation company and by specializing in luxury cars and vehicles. While we handle the transport of a variety of vehicles such as motorcycles, race cars, classic cars, exotic cars, and luxury cars, we’ve narrowed our focus to the transportation of high-end, world-class vehicles.

We know luxury car owners are worried about security as well as the upkeep of their vehicle while it’s in transport. That’s why we use a fleet of 53-foot fully enclosed air-ride trailers and employ a staff of experienced drivers who have transported everything from antiques to one-of-a-kind cargo.

shipping a luxury car

Choosing a Carrier Makes a Difference

From Mercedes to Porsche or Rolls Royce, when you trust Intercity Lines to ship your luxury car you can rest assured that you’re employing a fully-insured, luxury car carrier. What’s the difference between a broker and a carrier? An auto transport carrier like Intercity Lines specializes in luxury car shipping services and focuses solely on the client’s interests. An auto transport broker is a facilitator who takes an order for luxury car transport services and contracts with a carrier that owns the shipping equipment. A broker can seem like a “one-stop shop,” due to strategic marketing tactics. You won’t necessarily who is transporting your luxury car, where the car is at all times, and the experience of the driver transporting the car. Why leave transporting your luxury car up to a series of unknowns? Choose the experience, security, and quality-service of Intercity Lines.

Want to learn more about enclosed luxury car transport, auto transport brokers vs. carriers, or other essential facts? Check out our blog!

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