Auto Transport Brokers – The Middle Men of the Auto Transport Industry

What is an auto transport broker?

The answer is simply- someone you should avoid! An auto transport broker is a type of auto transport company that sells your car shipment order to their network of car carriers. When doing business with an auto transport broker, you do not know what car carrier or driver they are going to broker your order too. Broker’s often ask for a deposit, due to this reason, so they know that they are going to get paid regardless of the quality of service you are given by the truck driver they broker too.

Often Broker’s use marketing tricks in order to generate these car shipment orders. We have experienced this first hand by Broker’s that use names similar to Intercity Lines, in order to capitalize on our nationwide pristine reputation in order to lure customers.

Unfortunately, often the customer and their cars suffer at the hands of these tricksters. The cars shipped by auto brokers have sub-par drivers and equipment that lack the customer service and transport skills that our drivers have. These factors often leave cars scratched, damaged, or the customer in the dark. With a broker, nothing is certain because they chose the driver you will be trusting with the safety of your car- not you.

The better choice for shipping your car

When shipping a car that has high value, numerically, or sentimentally, going through an auto transport company, like us, the real Intercity Lines is a much safer decision than a broker. Our drivers only drive for us and we NEVER broker our car shipments out. Therefore, you know that the reputation and customer service that caused you to go with an auto transport company like ours is the service you will receive.

An exclusive and reputable car carried often do not ask for a deposit. Instead, they ask for a payment when the car is picked up. This gives you the flexibility to back out even if the truck is in your driveway. Allowing you to see the equipment and meet the driver before giving them any money or more importantly- your car!

If you care about your car and receiving the customer service you deserve, do not get drawn in by the low prices or schemes brokers offer. Instead, go with a reputable car carrier whose brand is one you can trust allowing you to give them your prized car without worry. Exclusive car carrier dispatchers work directly with the drivers that will be shipping your car ensuring that you are never left in the dark.

Make the right decision and work with car carriers that you can trust! Choose Intercity lines!