Official Auto Transporter of Luftgekuhlt

Intercity Lines is proud to be the official auto transporter of Luftgekuhlt

Starting with Luftgekuhlt 6, Intercity Lines has been proudly the Official Auto Transporter of Luftgekuhlt. Luftgekuhlt, founded by two-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long and renowned creative director Howie Idelson, is arguably the top air-cooled Porsche event in the world. Luft is the intersection of air-cooled Porsche events, people, and cars that create legendary storylines.

Intercity Lines is honored to be a part of these great storylines. Whether bringing world-class Porsche race cars from top museums like The Revs or bringing in a Porsche owners baby that they built at home in their garage, we take pride throughout the entire process in playing a crucial role in each participant’s story.

Intercity Lines has set the standard for car shipping and the auto transport industry for over 40 years. Our expert customer service, auto transport experts, door to door shipping, and specialized equipment you will instantly see the Intercity Lines difference compared to other car shipping companies.

How we make Porsche car transport to & from Luftgekuhlt easy & stress free:

Luft 8 enclosed auto transport

Fully Enclosed Lift Gate Loading Enclosed Transport:

All Intercity Lines trailers are state-of-the-art fully enclosed car carriers with hydraulic liftgates. Our trailers protect your Porsche from the elements, road debris, and outside eyes. While our lift gates ensure low clearance, vehicles are never a problem, and transmissions are never strained as the car is loaded flat at all times. Our state of the enclosed car transporter is the best way to transport Porsches and all types of vehicles including classic cars and exotic cars. We never use open transport, which exposes the vehicle to weather, debris, and outsiders during transport. They allow our car shipping expert to transport your vehicle safely, regardless of the shipping distance, and our expert auto shipper team will make it seamless with their excellent customer service.

$2 Million Cargo Insurance Coverage on every enclosed auto transport: 

Every load we transport is covered by a $2 million cargo insurance policy that protects your vehicle from when it’s loaded until it’s safely unloaded. This is at no deductible to you, ensuring you can have stress-free transport.

Door to Door Auto Transport: 

Our driver will pick up your Porsche from your house, and that same driver will have your vehicle until it’s safely delivered at Luft. As long as our enclosed auto transporter can safely & legally get to the pick & delivery locations. We never use terminals to store vehicles during transit, ensuring the car is handled as little as possible, and you can stay in constant contact with the auto transport driver directly throughout the auto transport

Professional Drivers & Superior Customer Service: 

From our drivers to our office staff, our team will ensure transporting your classic Porsche is easy, seamless, and stress-free. From our office staff to our drivers, we will keep you up to date every step of the way, and we’re always a phone call away if you have any questions related to our car shipping service. If you ever need anything, one of our car shipping experts will answer the phone every time to help you with all of your car shipping needs.

We are an enclosed auto transport carrier, with our own fleet of trucks, not an auto transport broker:

The principal difference between auto transport carriers and brokers is that carriers own and operate the trucks and employ the movers that do the labor of transporting a vehicle. Brokers are intermediaries and facilitate auto transportation by connecting customers (shippers) with the carriers that offer the specific services requested.

When you ship with car shipping companies that are broker you can’t do the proper research on the auto transport carrier that will be actually transporting your Porsche car or vehicle. You won’t know which car shipping company is actually shipping your vehicle until they’re in your driveway trying to pick up your Porsche. You can’t check reviews, insurance coverage, services, or any essential info to ensure you have a seamless car shipping with the auto transport company. Brokers also typically require a deposit and upfront payment, which typically equals their commission taking away their incentive to do a good job before even a company ships your car. Brokers also may charge a low shipping quote and are often the lowest price because of this non refundable upfront deposit. If they can’t find an auto transport company to ship your car you will eventually cancel and they will keep your deposit.

We are a carrier, not an auto transport broker, so we will never broker your vehicle shipping to another company. Allowing you to be confident that when you ship a car with Intercity Lines its in our vehicle shipping expert’s hands and we are just a phone call away if you have any questions.

Affordable car shipping costs for Porsche enclosed transport

Intercity Lines offers an affordable option for those looking for enclosed car transport services. Our rates are competitive compared to other vehicle transport companies, and our car shipping customer service and vehicle handling is second to none. Choose Intercity Lines for a reliable and seamless car shipping experience every time you ship a car.

intercity lines shipping cars to luftgekuhlt

Porsche Approved Soft Tie Down Securement:

Our drivers will use the same procedures & straps that we use to transport new Porsches for Porsche North America. We treat every car the same and will take every step possible to ensure your Porsche arrives in the same condition in which we picked it up.

At Intercity Lines, we understand how special a Porsche is and that your car deserves the best when it comes to car shipping. That’s why our drivers use the same procedures and straps that Porsche North America trusts for transporting their new Porsches. We know that no two cars are the same, and so we treat yours with the utmost care and respect.

From loading your Porsche onto our enclosed car transporters to unloading it at its final destination, every step of the auto transport process is taken with utmost caution. Our professional staff of certified drivers understands the importance of delivering your beloved Porsche in perfect condition, and we take pride in providing excellent service with every car delivered. At Intercity Lines, we make sure your Porsche or car arrived safe and sound, no matter where you’re headed.

Dedicated Auto Transport Specialist:

All Luftgekuhlt participants will have a dedicated contact at Intercity Lines for all of their car shipping needs. From setting up your order to answering any questions, your dedicated account specialist will ensure your Luft auto transport experience is seamless from pick up until the car arrived safely back at home after the event.

Luftgekuhlt Porsche Car Transport Highlights

Luft 9 Mare Island, Vallejo CA with highlights of Intercity Lines

Luft 8 Port of Los Angeles Sponsored by Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport

Luft 7 Bottleworks, Indianapolis with Porsche unloading scene

Luft 6 Universal Studios featuring Intercity Lines Porsche Auto Transport

Intercity Lines is the most trusted auto transport company for Porsche owners and Luftgekuhlt enthusiasts.

Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport is the trusted choice for Porsche owners and Luftgekuhlt attendees when shipping a car. We offer only the highest standard of car shipping with our enclosed transport services including fully enclosed lift gate loading transport, $2 million cargo insurance, door to door auto transport, professional drivers and superior customer service, Porsche approved securement and a dedicated auto transport specialist.

With our instant online quotes for car shipping, guaranteed pickup dates and delivery dates, and commitment to ensuring the safety of your vehicle, Intercity Lines is the ideal choice for your Porsche auto transport needs or when shipping classic cars, exotic cars, motorcycles, or luxury cars.

Don’t trust just any auto transport companies. Trust the best car shipping company, Intercity Lines with our competitive car shipping costs, superior enclosed transport services, door to door shipping, and expert car shipping customer service we’ll make every time you ship a car easy and seamless. Whether shipping a Porsche car to Luftgekuhlt or a daily driver to your winter home, we treat every vehicle the same with our enclosed shipping services and take pride in every auto shipping we handle.

Whether you’re shipping a car to Luft or buying a new classic Porsche. Our instant quote makes it easy to instantly get a quote & book your order with no deposit!

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