Intercity Lines: The Trusted Auto Transport Partner of Gooding & Company Auctions

When premier collector cars drive across the auction stage at Gooding & Company, there’s a quiet force ensuring their safe arrival: Intercity Lines, the auction house’s official auto transport partner. With decades of experience specializing in classic car shipping, Intercity Lines offers customized, enclosed transport backed by industry-leading equipment and drivers. This partnership creates a seamless, unparalleled experience for enthusiasts and collectors invested in motoring history.

Through forging a partnership as seamless and timeless as the vehicles they handle, these two names have become synonymous with excellence, reliability, and a firm commitment to the artifacts that define an era of automotive art. Whether shipping to Gooding & Company’s annual Amelia Island or Pebble Beach auctions or their one off events Intercity Lines will ensure a seamless transport of your auction car. Including years servicing Gooding & Company’s Scottsdale auctions.

gooding and company intercity lines auto transport fleet

Why Intercity Lines?

  • Proven Expertise: Decades of transporting high-value vehicles translate to unmatched skill and care. Including a near 20 year relationship with Gooding & Company as their trusted auto transport partner.
  • Personalized Protection: Top of the line trailers with hydraulic lift-gates designed for exquisite automobiles provide the safest method of transport.
  • $2 Million Cargo Insurance: Unmatched peace of mind – your automotive treasure is fully protected in transit.
  • On-Site Expertise: Intercity Lines on-site specialists at Gooding & Company auctions streamline the shipping process.

Benefits for Collectors & Enthusiasts

  • Reliability You Can Trust: Your passion is shared – these partners protect your cherished vehicle every step of the way.
  • Effortless Experience: Simplify shipping to and from auctions for ultimate convenience before and after the sale.
  • Shared Values: This partnership thrives on a mutual respect for the history and significance of classic vehicles.

Intercity Lines: The Flawless Partner of Gooding & Company for Two Decades

For nearly 20 years, Intercity Lines has played a crucial role behind the scenes of Gooding & Company’s legendary auctions. Every flawlessly transported classic car, each vehicle arriving safely for inspection or departing to its new home – Intercity Lines has been the trusted backbone of these important moments.

Their unwavering dedication to secure transportation has built an incredible rapport, best encapsulated by Gooding & Company VP Morgan Carter: “There isn’t another company out there I would recommend more than I recommend Intercity.”

Trust the best. Trust Intercity Lines & Gooding and Company

In the realm of automotive elegance, the conveyors of collective dreams are just as significant as the vehicles they carry. Intercity Lines’ prestigious position as the official auto transporter for Gooding & Company Auctions is a testament to their mutual passion for perfection. Theirs is a union that is not merely business transactional but an interweaving of legacies, a promise kept to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

To choose Intercity Lines for the transport of a classic car is to entrust its journey to the keepers of time. In doing so, one not only guarantees the vehicle’s safety but also ensures the preservation of its tale. For those aspiring to bid their past into the future, this partnership presents an unmissable proposition—an invitation to be part of history, crafted with wheels that have journeyed across time.

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