3 Essential Motorcycle Shipping Tips You Need to Know

3 Essential Motorcycle Shipping Tips You Need to Know

There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration you feel while flying down the highway on your motorcycle. You love your motorbike, and you want to take the best possible care of it. Of course, you?ll need to stay on top of regular maintenance every 5,000 to 20,000 miles, which can cost at least $1,000 a year. While this price sounds steep, motorcycle lovers everywhere know it’s worth every penny. If you decide to relocate, however, it’s important to have the same mindset when shipping your beloved motorcycle, you want to take extra care.

The cost to transport your motorbike varies and depends on your bike and the shipping distance. Despite the motorcycle shipping cost, you?ll know your beloved bike will arrive to its next destination in one piece. Follow our motorcycle shipping tips to ensure your luxury or vintage bike travels safely anywhere in the United States.

Hire Trusted Professionals

To transport a luxury motorcycle properly, you should consider hiring qualified professionals. Before doing so, do your research. Be sure they have dozens of positive reviews as well as proper insurance; just in case your motorcycle suffers damage along the journey.

A reputable company will use lift gates to make loading and unloading at pickup and delivery seamless. Additionally, we believe the right team won’t use crates or pallets; while companies commonly move bikes with them, they can drive up a customers’ costs. Plus, we encourage you to opt for a carrier; unlike a broker, they handle your bike from your front door to its new home. Don’t always go with the cheapest motorcycle shipping cost, be sure to choose quality over quantity. It may save you more money down the road!

Know the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Shipping

There are two different motorcycle shipping methods. Open transport is exactly what it sounds like a company secures your motorcycle to an open trailer. These services are inexpensive, but if you’re considering them, just know that the elements may harm your motorcycle.

For optimal protection, we recommend enclosed motorcycle transport. Should you select enclosed shipping, a transport company will securely tie down your motorcycle in its own trailer. The ties and the weather won’t damage your motorcycle’s paint or the bike itself with this shipping method.

Properly Prepare Your Motorcycle for Shipment

Prior to transporting your motorcycle, thoroughly wipe it down, including the wheels. By cleaning your bike, you can better notice any chips or scratches you’ll need to document before you ship it. Then, check its battery, fluids, tire pressure, and top these off if necessary.

Don’t forget to either remove or tightly secure any loose items, and if you have an alarm on your bike, remember to disable it. Finally, because you’re keeping miles off your odometer, you don’t need more than a quarter tank of gas just enough to move your motorcycle on and off the trailer.

We hope our tips help you ship your motorcycle. If you decide to go with an enclosed motorcycle carrier our experts at Intercity Lines are here to help with nationwide, fully insured, door to door motorcycle transport! Request a motorcycle shipping quote today!

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3 Essential Motorcycle Shipping Tips You Need to Know