the most interesting cars around the world

The Most Interesting Cars Around the World

It?s hard to be oblivious to the influence of Ferrari or Lamborghini in the sphere of exotic cars, and we?ve all seen the countless mundane Sedans and minivans that fill the roads we travel. But as with most things, some vehicles defy categories and even elude common knowledge because of their uniqueness. Here are some of the most interesting cars from around the world.


First off, we have the roadster: the BMW Z1. This car was produced between 1989 and 1991, with only 8000 built in total. The Z1 has plastic body panels that can be swapped out to change its color, rather than relying on a traditional paint job. Perhaps even more notable is its ability to slide its doors down so that they disappear into the sills. The Z1 was relatively unsuccessful commercially, though, and its sales were mostly within Germany before it was discontinued.

Vector W8

Another 90s design, the American Vector W8 was built to compete with the supercars of Europe. Its top speeds are contested, but its smooth, angular design was made to minimize drag, and aerodynamic tweaks were implemented even during its production. Ultimately, Vector went bankrupt and only 17 units of this hand-built car were sold to customers.

Citro?n DS

With an aerodynamic body and insectoid design, the French Citro?n DS stands out among its peers. What really makes this car fascinating are the technical innovations Citro?n made to it. It was given their new hydropneumatic suspension system; this increased ride comfort and handling beyond what had been seen before when it was introduced in 1955. It was also the first mass-produced vehicle to have disc brakes.

McLaren F1

Backing its impressive looks, the McLaren F1 was designer Gordon Murray?s brainchild. McLaren entrusted the direction of its first road car to Murray and gave him complete freedom over its creation. The result was a vehicle equipped with a gold foil-lined BMW V-12 engine and the first to include a carbon fiber chassis and a driver-centered three-seater cockpit.

Tucker 48

The oddity that is the Tucker 48 is another example of a short-run car. Created by Preston Tucker in 1948, only 51 were built before Tucker was brought down by a controversial stock fraud scandal the following year. The 48 possessed a rear-engine design, numerous safety features, and a bizarre third headlight that swiveled with the steering wheel. Inspired by the story of Preston Tucker?s failed innovation attempt amidst more powerful industry leaders, Francis Ford Coppola directed a movie about him decades later.

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