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What Drives Our Drivers


At Intercity Lines, Inc, we pride ourselves on providing superb, white-glove, enclosed auto transport for our customers. Many of the vehicles we transport are one-of-a-kind, rare, historic, or of significant monetary or sentimental value, making it imperative that our drivers are the best in the industry. Our customers trust us to deliver these vehicles safe and sound. But what do our drivers like best about working with Intercity Lines? This week, Sales/Marketing Representative Eric Troy spoke with longtime Intercity Lines driver Chris to find out.

What do you Like Most About Driving for Intercity Lines?

I like delivering cars to the end user I’m like Santa Claus every day. People are happy to see me, and I enjoy working with our customers? -Chris

Chris enjoys interacting with our customers, transporting what may be their most prized possession, and bringing pride to the work he does with Intercity Lines. But that’s not the only reason Chris likes driving with us. Another reason: The team environment. Drivers, dispatchers, sales, and maintenance all work together, Everybody’s on the same page. Being part of a smaller, family operation allows us [Intercity Lines] to maintain high levels of service for all deliveries we make. Nothing slips through the cracks or falls victim to oversight, which is much more frequent and likely with larger carriers. Big companies aren’t able to do the same level of work that we do here. We keep quality control tight; we’re thorough.

You really feel like you’re doing something here that you’re accomplishing a lot. People don’t trust just anybody to do that [transport high-end, historic, rare, exotic, etc., cars], they trust Intercity Lines to do that. -Chris

What’s Your Favorite Part of Driving for Intercity Lines?

Top-notch Equipment

Our equipment is top-notch. Dave’s custom-built trailers are customized for the purpose of shipping cars. They’re as good a trailer as anywhere else. -Chris

When developing our trailers, Intercity Lines President Dave Wilson spoke with all members of the Intercity Lines team, from drivers to mechanics to planners. The result: a trailer capable of transporting vehicles effectively and efficiently. This willingness to listen to the various members of our team certainly contributed to the overall performance of our equipment. Moreover, taking the advice and input from the people who work intimately with our equipment has allowed us to develop some of the most advanced and capable trailers in the industry. By speaking with members of our team from across the board, we’ve developed a trailer with phenomenal functionality.

What Makes Driving for Intercity Lines Different than Other Transport Jobs You?ve Had?

There’s no competition within the company. You work together to accomplish something great. -Chris

Chris has seen a lot in his 25+ years of driving, bringing credence to his viewpoint about the functionality and comradery present in the Intercity Lines team. Chris particularly enjoys the team-oriented environment present at Intercity Lines, saying,

You know everybody here. There’s a strong sense of comradery. If you need help tying a car down, you’re only one call away from someone who’s more than happy to help you figure it out.?

How are our Dispatchers to Work With?

The relationship between dispatchers and drivers is a mainstay of successful transport organizations. If there’s a lack of communication between these two parties, nothing can go according to plan. And, sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, things go awry. A great dispatcher minimizes these altercations and keeps communications open between customers and drivers. With drivers on the road depending on the information they’re given by their dispatcher this relationship is important. That said, what do our drivers think of our dispatchers

Our dispatch is easy to work with. They don’t hover over you. You get the work from them, they give it to you, and if you get it done, they don’t bother you. They’re good to work with.


Key Takeaway

If I’m going to be an OTR truck driver, I don’t want to haul anything else, and I don?t want to do it with any other company besides Intercity Lines. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. -Chris

We’ve had a great time discussing why Chris loves working with Intercity Lines. Were looking forward to many more years of working together.

We’d like to send a special thank you to Chris for always being reliable, dependable, and excited to get these moves made! Thanks, Chris! Your hard work is always appreciated.

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