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What Drives Our Drivers? – Larry

What Drives Our Drivers


At Intercity Lines, Inc, we pride ourselves on providing superb, white-glove enclosed auto transport for our customers. Many of the vehicles we transport are one-of-a-kind, rare, historic, or of significant monetary or sentimental value, making it imperative that our drivers are the best in the industry. Our customers trust us to deliver these vehicles safe and sound. But what do our drivers like best about working with Intercity Lines? This week, Sales/Marketing Representative Eric Troy spoke with longtime Intercity Lines driver Larry to find out.


What do you Like Most About Driving for Intercity Lines?


Larry: ?I like working with the best drivers in the industry. Have you ever played racquetball??


Eric: ?Can?t say that I have, but I feel like you?re about to give me a great analogy!?


Larry: ?When you play racquetball, you never play with someone that you can beat; you want to play with people who are better than you. Working at Intercity Lines is like that?you work alongside some of the best drivers in the industry; that helps make you the best driver you can be.?


Another significant reason Larry likes working with Intercity Lines: It?s a family operation where the dispatchers know your name when you call; you?re more than just a number. And there?s a sense of comradery among the drivers?you feel like part of a team here. Have a question about loading a specific vehicle? You can always call another driver and learn how they’d do it or what steps they might take to get the vehicle loaded. There’s never a dull moment or a sense of being stranded by yourself. You always have the support of your dispatcher and fellow drivers.

Larry delivered to Pebble Beach this year and mentioned the experience while on the call. One major thing Larry noticed: The difference in drivers on our team and what brings them above the level of other drivers. ?We learn a lot at Pebble Beach. You see how other teams and companies do things and that brings to light how we do things better than the competition.?? ??


Another Reason Larry Loves Driving with Intercity Lines?

enclosed auto shipping

Well-Maintained, Modern Equipment.

?There?s nothing better than the trailers we use.? -Larry

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Our enclosed auto transport trailers are some of the best in the industry. Our shop mechanics make sure our trailers are in tip-top shape by giving them a thorough inspection every thirty to sixty days, ensuring they run smooth while on the road and that the loads inside are transported on equipment that?s the safest in the industry. Our inspection includes checking on the hydraulic system for the liftgates and load decks, ensuring the brakes are in solid working order, and the tires have plenty of tread. Many other transport companies only inspect their trailers every four to six months. Beyond this, our shop is the only auto transport company that builds and maintains its car-hauling trailers. What?s this mean? Our team knows the trailers far more intimately than other enclosed auto transport companies may.


What Makes Driving for Intercity Lines Different than Other Transport Jobs You?ve Had?

?Dave [Intercity Lines, President] goes by productivity, not seniority. If you work hard, you get more opportunities and can make more money. If you work hard, you can do well here.?

How are our Dispatchers to Work With?


The relationship between dispatchers and drivers is a mainstay of successful transport organizations. If there’s a lack of communication between these two parties, nothing can go according to plan. And, sometimes, despite everyone?s best efforts, things go awry. A great dispatcher minimizes these altercations and keeps communications open between customers and drivers. With drivers on the road depending on the information they?re given by their dispatcher this relationship is important. That said, what do our drivers think of our dispatchers?

?Nicki is never allowed to change or go anywhere else. She?s good at what she does. She pays attention and always keeps us loaded. She knows the codes and regulations of different areas throughout the country. Not only that: She makes a MEAN baklava.? -Larry??

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In Closing

We?ve had a great time discussing why Larry loves working with Intercity Lines. We?re looking forward to many more years of working together.


We?d like to send a special thank you to Larry for always being reliable, dependable, and excited to get these moves made! Thanks, Larry! Your hard work is always appreciated. Learn more about What Drives Our Drivers in this blog with Intercity Lines, Inc. driver, Chris.

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Learn More About Becoming an Enclosed Car Hauler

Tips for Shipping an Exotic Car

Tips for Shipping an Exotic Car

Tips for Shipping an Exotic Car

In 40+ years of auto transport, we’ve learned a lot about shipping exotic vehicles. When shipping an exotic vehicle, like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, or other high-end automobile, there are special considerations owners should make, and questions they should ask about the transporter they’ve selected. Will the vehicle be properly protected throughout shipment? Will the interior and exterior be kept in pristine condition? Will the vehicle be protected from adverse weather and environmental conditions? In this blog, we’ll discuss these topics and more, so you’ll feel more informed when shipping your exotic car with a company near you.

Keeping your Exotic Vehicle’s Exterior Protected During Shipping

Keeping your exotic vehicle protected is essential during transportation. Open car carriers expose vehicles to adverse weather conditions, dirt, and debris on the road that could damage a vehicle. Enclosed shipping eliminates these potential damage sources by keeping the vehicle protected inside the trailer. Not only are exotic vehicles in enclosed transport protected from outside sources, but additional protection is added for exotic vehicles in transit by covering the car with cloth covers, and an additional plastic covering over that.

Enclosed Auto Shipping Protects Vehicles from:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Dirt and debris
  • Additional protection offered by cloth and plastic covering in the trailer

Benefits of a Hydraulic Liftgate

There are two ways to load cars: Using ramps and driving the vehicle onto the truck or using a hydraulic liftgate. At Intercity Lines, Inc., all our trailers are equipped with liftgates. There are two reasons that hydraulic liftgates are paramount when transporting your exotic vehicle. First, many exotic vehicles have low ground clearance; if a liftgate isn’t used, the vehicle’s undercarriage—especially the front bumper—may scrape while loading and unloading. Using a hydraulic liftgate ensures the front bumper and undercarriage of the vehicle remain undamaged.

The second benefit of using hydraulic liftgates during transport? Preventing wear to the vehicle’s clutch(es). If ramps are used to load the vehicle AND the driver is inexperienced, unnecessary wear to the clutch can occur, as the driver must work the clutch to get the vehicle up the ramps. Using a hydraulic liftgate eliminates unnecessary wear to the vehicle’s clutch(es).

Shipping an exotic car

Thank you for taking the time to read along with us. We hope this blog has given you valuable information when it comes to shipping your exotic car. For more information, or to request a quote, give us a call. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have regarding the transport of your exotic vehicle.

Buying a Car on Bring a Trailer and Shipping it with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport!

Buying a Car on Bring a Trailer and Shipping it with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport!

Calculating the Cost of Motorcycle Shipping

Calculating the Cost of Motorcycle Shipping: A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Shipping Costs

Ship Your Car from NY to FL with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport

Experience the Stress-Free Way to Ship Your Car from NY to FL with Intercity Lines Enclosed Auto Transport!

Intercity Lines’ Standard for Enclosed Auto Transport & Car Shipping

Intercity Lines’ Standard for Auto Transport-1

Intercity Lines has set the standard for enclosed auto transport since 1980

Since 1980, Intercity Lines has set the standard for white glove auto transport services. From our expert drivers and staff to our state of the art car carriers we take every precaution to ensure we offer the best car shipping experience available. From our customer service to our handling of the cars we strive to be the best in enclosed auto transport. Our fleet of car haulers and team set the standard for nationwide car transport making shipping a car locally or across the country easy.

Premium enclosed auto transport equipment

Since the beginning, we have invested heavily in having state of the car enclosed car carriers. Intercity Lines was the first major auto transport company to use lift gates on all of our trailers. We now design and build our own enclosed car trailers in house using our 40 years of car hauling experience to make the best car trailers on the road today.

For maximum protection, our auto transport trailers are fully enclosed and insulated from extreme hot or cold. Air ride suspensions are used to cushion the ride over rough roads to ensure your vehicle has a smooth journey. Our solid floors protect your car from any vehicles above it along with the two layers of protection we put on your car during transport.

Our newly designed hydraulic systems move the decks inside the car carrier silently and smoothly ensuring the smoothest and safest loading procedure for your car. We continue to improve the enclosed auto transport carriers with each one we build striving to improve the traditional car delivery service.

Lift-gate loading and articulating interior decks

niki lauda ferrari

Intercity Lines was the first major car carrier to use hydraulic lift-gates to load cars. All of our car carriers are fitted with a hydraulic lift-gate for safe and easy loading during the car shipping. Using the lift-gate instead of steep ramps keeps the car level at all times and eliminates any strain on the car?s transmission or undercarriage damage on low clearance race cars.

The most protected coast to coast auto transport available:

Our drivers take every precaution when shipping your car coast to coast or anywhere in the country. Before our drivers touch a car we’re shipping they first put on clean gloves and insert a car seat and floor mat in the car to protect the interior. Once it’s time to load the vehicle the driver takes a clean towel and uses it to stop himself from coming in contact with the paint. Protecting the most sensitive of paints from fingerprints and skin oils.

Every car or motorcycle is safely secured using special soft nylon tie-downs that only touch the rubber of your tire. Avoiding risk to your rims, and stress to your car that other car securement methods can cause.

Once the car is safely secured in our enclosed trailer they are covered with a cloth and plastic cover. Protecting your car until it’s safely at its destination. Enclosed car trailers are with hydraulic lift gates are the safest way to ship a vehicle and is by far superior to open car carriers or long distance towing. Most car shipping companies don’t take these extra steps when transporting a car, but at Intercity Lines, we promise to always do everything we can to protect your vehicle.

Professional truck drivers who are car shipping experts

Every Intercity Lines’ truck driver is a team player and takes a great deal of pride in transporting every car that is entrusted to them. They are required to have years of driving and hauling experience before being accepted to join our elite team of car haulers. It is not unusual for a driver to transport millions of dollars worth of automobiles in a weeks time. We are especially proud of our car haulers and feel that they are the Best in the Business.

Our enclosed car shipping services

Intercity offers enclosed transportation of your classic car, luxury car, motorcycle, or exotic car nationwide across the United States. Whether you’re going to ship your vehicle coast to coast or locally we can help.

We also can ensure your car arrives on time and in the same condition, it left your driveway to the Car Auctions and Car Shows you spent so much time and money preparing for. For those who spend their winters in warmer climates, we offer Snowbird pricing and delivery time to and from Florida. Making shipping your car to Florida and the Southwest easy!. To learn more about our services visit: Our Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Insurance coverage for car transport

Intercity Lines provides the highest standard level of coverage available in the vehicle transportation business. All of our auto carriers are protected with $2 million worth of cargo insurance that insures the entire load. Always check the car transport services insurance certificate before shipping your car.

Many car transport companies have significantly lower insurance coverages sometimes only $250,000 of cargo insurance or less. Using a car shipper like Intercity Lines with high levels of cargo insurance will give you peace of mind knowing the car your transporting is insured until it’s delivered.

Satellite tracking, so we always know where your vehicle is during auto transport

Each car carrier is equipped with a mobile satellite system allowing for up to the minute tracking and the ability to communicate to and from each of the transporters at any moment. Allowing our auto shipping team to know the exact location of your car every minute of every day. Many auto transport brokers do not have this capability because they are not using their own car carriers to ship your car.

Door to Door auto transport. No terminals

Other than our Headquarters in Massachusetts Intercity operates without terminals, choosing instead to offer a premium door-to-door car delivery service. Avoiding terminals guarantees you a quicker delivery and ensures the safer handling of your automobile.

With Intercity Lines, you can count on having the SAME car transporter and Driver from pickup to final delivery. Allowing you to meet the car hauler personally, see their car carrier, and discuss the unique features of your car with them personally. Certainly, a safer and quicker way to ship your car.

car carriers

When shipping a car trust the best. Trust Intercity Lines!

Intercity Lines takes pride in offering the most trusted enclosed auto transport in the industry. We do not want to be the biggest, we want to be the best! Our car hauling team takes that slogan very seriously and treat every car with the utmost care regardless of its value.

To find the costs to ship a car or motorcycle contact our team today to receive a free quote! Get your auto transport quote here!

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