what being an enclosed car hauler entails

The enclosed auto transport business is unlike any other job in the transport world. The people you meet, sights you see, vehicles you move, and events you attend will likely earn the envy of automotive enthusiasts around the world. From automotive collectors to racing enthusiasts and museum directors, the people you interact with while on the road make this line of work one of the most unique and gratifying in the world of trucking. But there are many more differentiators in this industry than the vehicles and the people. In this blog, we’ll cover what makes the enclosed auto transport field different than any other truck driving job.

Variety of Vehicles Transported

In the world of enclosed auto transport, the variety of vehicles you encounter is endless. And at Intercity Lines, we’ve moved them all. From the private collections of famous athletes and musicians to vehicles whose racing history makes them irreplaceable, to individuals moving across the country, we transport everything from Fords to Ferraris.

What’s this mean for our drivers? Every day is different, presenting an opportunity to learn something new with every trip you take from the east coast to the west. By interacting with our customers, you’ll learn the history of these vehicles. Talking with our drivers and dispatchers, you learn how to stop and start these unique machines and best practices for loading and unloading them. Oftentimes, these vehicles are prestigious examples of automotive excellence. Driving for a reputable enclosed car carrier enables you to witness and take part in automotive history, all while taking pride in the work you do.

Working With Clients That Share Your Passion for Motor Culture

The world of motor culture is filled with excited, passionate automotive enthusiasts. Many of our drivers love the world of cars and motorcycles, bringing a great level of satisfaction to the work they do. Many of our enclosed auto transport drivers enjoy the discussions they have with customers while on the road. They have the chance to learn about the history of all these different types of vehicles through the conversations they have with the owners and responsible parties of these vehicles—whether they’re independent collectors, dealership owners, renowned museums, or someone transporting their vehicle for a move, the stories of these vehicles are often interesting, and the owners of these vehicles like to share their stories.

Enclosed Auto Transport for Events/Auctions

Ever wonder how high-end vehicles get to prestigious events like the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Gooding & Company’s Scottsdale, Amelia Island, and Pebble Beach auctions, or Barrett-Jackson? Enclosed auto transporters (like us) are trusted to transport these high-value vehicles to the event. And after the event is over and the vehicle is destined for its new home, an enclosed auto transporter will move that vehicle. Check out this list of esteemed events we’ve transported vehicles for.

Events We Provide Enclosed Auto Transport For

Working Alongside Industry-Leading Drivers

Our truck drivers are among the best in the business, providing white-glove enclosed auto transport services to our customers. They have years of experience moving prestigious, high-value, and, in many cases, irreplaceable vehicles. In the world of car hauling, our drivers are the elite. They’ve learned through their years—often decades—of experience how to safely transport these high-end, exotic, historic, and classic vehicles. From knowing the ins and outs of the roads they travel and rules and regulations for different areas throughout the country, to understanding the necessary procedures and steps required to start, park, and drive specific, antique vehicles whose operation can be vastly different than modern vehicles, our drivers are experts.

Another benefit our drivers enjoy is the variety of routes they travel and the diversity in vehicles they load. Running from east coast to west, there are cars and motorcycles to pick up and drop off in every state between, allowing our drivers to avoid the monotony of running repetitive routes, or transporting the same freight day in and day out. And, although we have many repeat customers, we have an equal number of new ones having their vehicles shipped, allowing our drivers to meet new people and hear new stories all the time.

Working alongside our team of elite drivers presents a great learning opportunity to drivers both new and experienced in car hauling. Our drivers are a wealth of knowledge and are happy to help their teammates learn the tips and tricks of transporting vehicles in an enclosed trailer. Their demeanor is welcoming and they’re always willing to lend a helping hand when asked. The comradery present within our team of highly qualified and experienced drivers is a hallmark of our organization.

In Closing

We hope that after reading this blog, you’ve learned a bit more about what enclosed car transport entails, the ways driving for an enclosed car transport company can be more gratifying than delivering for other, more monotonous industries, and some of the highlights associated with driving for Intercity Lines, Inc.

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Top Tips for Winter Auto Shipping

Top Tips for Winter Auto Shipping

Shipping your car in the winter comes with some special challenges, as it’s a downtime for the auto transport industry. Many people prefer to ship their cars during warmer seasons, as driving conditions are typically safer. In the summer, some routes are very popular; come winter, however, those same routes see a large drop off in demand. Therefore, most auto transport companies actively look for customers in the winter and offer discounts to maintain business. So, if you are looking to ship your car for less, then consider doing it in the winter.

No matter your reason for shipping in the winter, if you follow these tips for winter auto shipping, your car should arrive in the same condition as it left.

Remove All Personal Belongings

Don’t leave anything in the car except the floor mats and air freshener. Loose items rolling around in the trunk or on the seats can cause damage. Any liquids left inside can freeze in cold climates, explode, and leave a giant mess for you.

Check Fluid Levels

Make sure there is a half tank of gas in the car and plenty of antifreeze. Have the battery fully charged and ready to go. If the car doesn’t start at the destination, there may be additional charges. As such, make sure the minimum fluid levels are in the car to ensure it starts upon arrival.

Record Existing Damage

Make sure you document any preexisting damage to your car. Take a lot of pictures from several angles so there is proof of your car’s condition. Carriers are careful with the cars they ship, but accidents can happen—especially in the winter. Photos of your car will act as proof in the event any damage occurs during transport and the carrier needs to cover it.

Use Enclosed Car Transport Companies

If you know your car is going to or will be passing through areas with snowfall and winter weather, use an enclosed car transport company. Your car will remain protected from all the bad winter elements. No snow, ice, or road salt will touch your car at any point. This is the only way to guarantee your car receives protection from mother nature.

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