three convincing reasons to buy an exotic car

3 Convincing Reasons to Buy an Exotic Car

You don?t see exotic cars on the road often?hence why people call them ?exotic.? But an exotic vehicle doesn?t have to be a distant dream. If you?ve had your eye on a Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren for a while, now may be the time to purchase it.?

Of course, these companies are just the tip of the iceberg?a variety of manufacturers construct exotic vehicles, and no matter what make and model you prefer, you shouldn?t hesitate to include it in your collection. Below, we share three major reasons to buy an exotic car.

It may be a smart investment

An exotic vehicle may cost you a large chunk of change, but you?re not actually spending this money; rather, you?re investing in exotic cars. Think of it this way: while some exotic cars will depreciate like their economy cousins, your exotic vehicle?s value may appreciate if you take proper care of it. If you ever decide to sell it or auction it off, you?ll likely receive the amount you paid for it or more.

Why do exotic cars typically have high resale values? Well, they?re technically collectibles?manufacturers only produce a limited number of exotic models, especially if they?re special editions or have racing history.?

And because they?re rare, people will pay anything to own a collectible exotic car. For instance, in 2013, a 1963 Ferrari GTO sold for a whopping $53 million. If you purchase an exotic, therefore, you can generally expect it to appreciate over time more than your average daily driver.

It offers incomparable performance

Driving (or even riding in) an exotic vehicle is an experience unlike any other. Manufacturers construct these cars to last, so you shouldn?t be afraid to drive yours?in fact, if you don?t drive it often enough, you may be doing more harm than good. However, if you?re an avid collector, it?s understandable that you?d want to put as few miles on your vehicle as possible. In that case, just try to drive it once in a while.

As you may suspect, exotics also have impeccable handling, so they offer the fastest rides imaginable whether going in a straight line or around a race track. Plus, nobody can deny that exotic cars are fast. Their powerful engines allow their owners to drive at speeds in the hundreds of miles per hour?in 2017, the Koenigsegg Agera RS reached a speed of 285 miles per hour, becoming the world?s fastest car.?

This is certainly thrilling for any car enthusiast. Plus, exotic vehicles boast incredible safety features. When you purchase an exotic, you won?t have to worry about whether your car has up-to-date technology, because these cars are often already ahead of the times in regards to safety and technology.

It Turns Heads

It?s no secret that a supercar will be the center of attention in a parking lot and on the street. Because it?s so low to the ground (and because, frankly, it looks like something out of a science fiction film), an exotic car is hard to miss. These beauties have sleek exteriors, alluring curves, and vibrant, glistening paint?not to mention lavish interiors.?

When you think of exotics, you likely think of high-quality leather upholstery, elegant wood trim, cooled and heated massaging seats, amazing sound and entertainment systems, and other high-tech features and gadgets. In addition, manufacturers usually design exotic cars with two doors, meaning they can only typically fit two people; to many, there?s something appealing and intimate about that.?

Some exotic cars put an emphasis on not only performance, but luxury and comfort like the Audi R8. Other?s focus solely on performance sometimes at the cost of certain comforts and luxuries like a McLaren Senna. Finding the proper balance between comfort and performance is important when purchasing an exotic car.

Once you buy this type of car, you?re no longer just an average car owner. Rather, you enter an exclusive club of individuals who work hard and live grand lives. People will immediately recognize your vehicle and want to take a picture of it or start up a conversation with you, the proud owner of a glamorous supercar. You?ll feel like a million bucks as you cruise down the road, and other people will take notice because, truly, an exotic car is a social status symbol.

Whether you?re coveting a new or used exotic vehicle, we hope we could convince you to follow through and purchase the car you?ve always wanted. All that?s left to do is find a reputable dealer, double-check the paperwork, and take it for a test drive. Then, you just negotiate the price, and the buying process is complete?the car is yours. Who knows?after purchasing this exotic, you may feel inclined to buy another in the future!

Shipping an Exotic Car to it?s new home!

Did you buy an exotic car in another state and need to get your new beauty home? Intercity Lines has been a leader in exotic car shipping for more than three decades. We?re a family-owned business that ships exotic cars daily, so we understand how important it is to thoroughly protect these investments.?

Our exotic car transport is trusted time and time again by our loyal customers. Our customers trust us with their cars so much that we have even shipped cars for celebrities, including Brad Paisley, Guy Fieri, Kid Rock, and Jay Leno, as well as car experts such as Don Williams and Wayne Carini.?

We?re also proud to have been the chosen auto transport company for some of the world?s most exciting exotic car events, such as the Ferrari Club of America Annual Experience, Luftgek?hlt, and the Greenwich Concours D?elegance.

Our experienced staff of car haulers transport all exotic cars, racing cars, and luxury cars on fully-enclosed trailers. Whether you?re shipping a Lamborghini Countach or a new Aston Martin our years of experience offering enclosed transport and expert customer service make shipping your exotic car easy. Our shipping company uses hard-sided trailers to protect vehicles from chips, scratches, and even theft.?

While most transport companies use ramps to load customers? cars onto their trailers, our trailers feature hydraulic liftgates, which put less pressure on cars as they safely raise the cars into the trailers. Our car carriers? lift gates lay flat on the ground for loading making exotic car?s low clearance a non issue. Open carriers? ramps can scrape the underside of low ground clearance vehicles.?

We also carefully secure cars with special nylon ties or wheel nets, which won?t cause any damage to your vehicle; some companies use metal chains to keep vehicles in place, but they can chip the cars? paint. Best of all, thanks to satellite technology, we can track our vehicles no matter where they are in the United States. Thus, you can feel at peace knowing your exotic car is secure throughout its journey to its next destination.

Intercity Lines is also bonded and insured?we?re a carrier, not a broker, so we have $2 million in cargo insurance. If your exotic car does happen to incur damage, we?ll be able to take care of the issue. If you?re interested in shipping a exotic car with Intercity Lines, request a quote today for our door to door auto shipping.?

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