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Common Car Shipping Myths We Need to Debunk

Countless people think about shipping their vehicles, but often hesitate due to the misconceptions surrounding this service. There’s a lot to learn about the auto transport business, but this information shouldn’t deter you from transporting your car. We’re addressing four of the most common car shipping myths below.

Myth #1: You Can Ship A Car on Only One Type of Trailer

Some may have the visual in their heads that they can only ship their vehicles on open trailers, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, on an open trailer, your car is at a higher risk of damage because it’s exposed to road debris, birds, dust, insects, and the elements. Take the opportunity to look into enclosed auto shipping your vehicle remains covered throughout its entire journey making it the safest way to ship your car.

Myth #2: Driving Your Car Is Less Expensive Than Shipping It

Many car owners worry that shipping services are expensive, but surprisingly, it can be much cheaper than driving it to their new destination. Last year, premium gas nationwide averaged at about 57 cents a gallon more than regular gas. Now think about this: if you’re driving a luxury car across the country and filling up its tank multiple times, you’re spending more than a one-time service fee. You’re also putting wear and tear on your car, excessive mileage, and are potentially liable if any accidents occur along your journey!

Myth #3: Auto Transport Companies Determine Shipping Costs Solely by Distance

Contrary to popular belief, distance isn’t the only factor that car shipping companies consider when quoting car shipping prices to their potential customers. For one thing, the size of your vehicle can impact the amount you pay. Additionally, the cars starting and arrival location matters if these destinations are hard to access, you could pay more. Finally, pick up times are huge in the auto transport industry. Customers need to be flexible with their availability; if you ask for a specific date, the company may have to make arrangements to accommodate your request.

Myth #4: You Can’t Ship Inoperable Cars

As a matter of fact, you can ship inoperable vehicles. Let’s say you have a classic car that’s currently under restoration and it doesn’t start up you can still ship it. If you have a non-running car and you need to transport it, don’t hesitate to call us. You can trust us to ship your car, no matter the make or model.

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