Tips for Shipping an Exotic Car

Tips for Shipping an Exotic Car

In 40+ years of auto transport, we’ve learned a lot about shipping exotic vehicles. When shipping an exotic vehicle, like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, or other high-end automobile, there are special considerations owners should make, and questions they should ask about the transporter they’ve selected. Will the vehicle be properly protected throughout shipment? Will the interior and exterior be kept in pristine condition? Will the vehicle be protected from adverse weather and environmental conditions? In this blog, we’ll discuss these topics and more, so you’ll feel more informed when shipping your exotic car.

Keeping your Exotic Vehicle’s Exterior Protected During Shipping 

Keeping your exotic vehicle protected is essential during transportation. Open car carriers expose vehicles to adverse weather conditions, dirt, and debris on the road that could damage a vehicle. Enclosed shipping eliminates these potential damage sources by keeping the vehicle protected inside the trailer. Not only are exotic vehicles in enclosed transport protected from outside sources, but additional protection is added for exotic vehicles in transit by covering the car with cloth covers, and an additional plastic covering over that.

Enclosed Auto Shipping Protects Vehicles from:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Dirt and debris
  • Additional protection offered by cloth and plastic covering in the trailer

Benefits of a Hydraulic Liftgate

There are two ways to load cars: Using ramps and driving the vehicle onto the truck or using a hydraulic liftgate. At Intercity Lines, Inc., all our trailers are equipped with liftgates. There are two reasons that hydraulic liftgates are paramount when transporting your exotic vehicle. First, many exotic vehicles have low ground clearance; if a liftgate isn’t used, the vehicle’s undercarriage—especially the front bumper—may scrape while loading and unloading. Using a hydraulic liftgate ensures the front bumper and undercarriage of the vehicle remain undamaged.

The second benefit of using hydraulic liftgates during transport? Preventing wear to the vehicle’s clutch(es). If ramps are used to load the vehicle AND the driver is inexperienced, unnecessary wear to the clutch can occur, as the driver must work the clutch to get the vehicle up the ramps. Using a hydraulic liftgate eliminates unnecessary wear to the vehicle’s clutch(es).

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read along with us. We hope this blog has given you valuable information when it comes to shipping your exotic car. For more information, or to request a quote, give us a call. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have regarding the transport of your exotic vehicle.

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Top Tips for Winter Auto Shipping

Top Tips for Winter Auto Shipping

Shipping your car in the winter comes with some special challenges, as it’s a downtime for the auto transport industry. Many people prefer to ship their cars during warmer seasons, as driving conditions are typically safer. In the summer, some routes are very popular; come winter, however, those same routes see a large drop off in demand. Therefore, most auto transport companies actively look for customers in the winter and offer discounts to maintain business. So, if you are looking to ship your car for less, then consider doing it in the winter.

No matter your reason for shipping in the winter, if you follow these tips for winter auto shipping, your car should arrive in the same condition as it left.

Remove All Personal Belongings

Don’t leave anything in the car except the floor mats and air freshener. Loose items rolling around in the trunk or on the seats can cause damage. Any liquids left inside can freeze in cold climates, explode, and leave a giant mess for you.

Check Fluid Levels

Make sure there is a half tank of gas in the car and plenty of antifreeze. Have the battery fully charged and ready to go. If the car doesn’t start at the destination, there may be additional charges. As such, make sure the minimum fluid levels are in the car to ensure it starts upon arrival.

Record Existing Damage

Make sure you document any preexisting damage to your car. Take a lot of pictures from several angles so there is proof of your car’s condition. Carriers are careful with the cars they ship, but accidents can happen—especially in the winter. Photos of your car will act as proof in the event any damage occurs during transport and the carrier needs to cover it.

Use Enclosed Car Transport Companies

If you know your car is going to or will be passing through areas with snowfall and winter weather, use an enclosed car transport company. Your car will remain protected from all the bad winter elements. No snow, ice, or road salt will touch your car at any point. This is the only way to guarantee your car receives protection from mother nature.

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