Car Hauler Jobs: How to Become an Enclosed Car Hauler

Becoming an enclosed car hauler is a great idea for truck drivers looking for a job with stability, that pays well, and is rewarding. Enclosed car haulers travel the country shipping classic cars, luxury cars, and exotic cars. They work with car enthusiasts around the United States and the world that appreciate your hard work and are trusting you with one of their prized possessions. Due to this high level of responsibility, truck drivers who work for a car carrier get compensated very well and can take pride knowing they were responsible and trusted to ship some of the rarest and special cars in the world. There are many reasons to become an enclosed car hauler and our team outlines a few steps below that will help you land car hauler jobs and start your career shipping cars.

Step 1: Get a Class A CDL

The first step to becoming an enclosed car hauler is to obtain your class A CDL. Due to the weight of the enclosed car carriers having a Class A is a must. Obtaining your Class A CDL is a goal in itself, but there are hundreds of truck driving schools that make it easy! Most are a few months long and are a significant amount of money,ranging from $3,000 to $7,000. Luckily most schools offer flexible schedules from night, day, and weekend classes to help fit your schedule and many offer financial assistance and payment plans to help you pay for the school. The invesment and time getting a Class A CDL requires is a significant investment, but allows you start your career as a commercial truck driver allowing you to drive 18 wheelers. Commercial truck drivers are in high demand and are predicted to surge for years to come. This demand for truck drivers increases the more specialized a job is especially with car transport, which requires some of the most experienced class a drivers.

Step 2: Get a Job as a Truck Driver

After you receive your Class A CDL the first step is to get a job utilizing your new license! Driving a semi truck is a big responsibility and at first you may be limited to what companies will hire you right out of school. The biggest thing is to just get a job driving a Class A truck! Ideally one that offers additional training to help you hone your truck driving skills, which they should explain in the job description. Some companies may even require you to drive with a trainer for a few weeks or even months until you have sharpened your truck driving skills enough to safely drive on your own in a tractor trailer. Going with a trainer can be a great way to improve your truck driving skills and also to see if being a truck driver trainer down the road would be of interest to you.  Once you get a few months or more of driving under your belt as a CDL driver more job opportunities will appear and you can continue advancing your career towards becoming a professional car hauler.

Step 3: Get a Job Driving Over the Road

Due to the limited number of job openings available to new truck driving graduates, your first job may have been regional or local. If that is the case, it’s important to find a company that lets you drive over the road, cross country once you gain more experience driving a truck. This will allow you to gain experience navigating the different regions and cities of this big country. Including the Rocky Mountains with steep elevation changes, inclement weather, and tight bends. Or all the different cities and their differences from the grid like patterns of west coast cities to the non-sensical roads of New England’s old cities. As mentioned before, many companies have trainers that can go with you over the road in the beginning. This is a great opportunity with anyone not familiar with the different aspects of driving cross country, dealing with truck stops, and hours of service. They will ensure you have the right over the road experience to be safe driving and further your commercial driving career. Driving over the road will give you the driving experience and foundation enclosed car carriers look for when hiring truck drivers.

Step 4: Get a Few Years in a Specialized Field

In addition to truck driving experience, enclosed car carriers look for experience typically in some type of specialty niche that forces you to load and unload your trailer and interact with customers. Car hauling experience is preferred, but Household movers, open car hauler, overweight transports, transporting high end medical machines/equipment, etc are all great fields to establish your resume before becoming an enclosed car hauler. These jobs force you to load and unload your freight, check on your load daily, schedule pickups and deliveries, and interact with customers. All skills that are crucial to becoming successful in enclosed car hauling. You will be responsible to load and unload the cars you are entrusted with as a car carrier and customer service is a top priority at the major auto transport companies shipping POVs or Personally Owned Vehicles. Having experience in both of these fields will make you a top candidate for car carriers looking for potential Auto Hauler Truck Drivers.

Step 5: Ensure you Have the Basic Skills Required

Before applying to be an enclosed car hauler it’s important to review the below skills that most companies require to haul cars. Being an enclosed car hauler is a great career that most people stick with until they retire. That being said you want to make sure when you do make the change that you have the required skills and are prepared to ensure it goes well!

  • 3+ years of safe over the road driving experience
  • Communication skills with customers
  • Loading/unloading experience
  • Experience securing loads
  • Can drive a manual transmission
  • Experience navigating residential neighborhoods and cities

Step 6: Apply to be an Enclosed Car Hauler

After you’ve gained enough experience and the required skills it’s time to start applying to be an enclosed car hauler. Like any job, finding a new job can be a long process, but is well worth it. We recommend, reaching out to a variety of car carriers big and small to understand the differences between them and their vehicle transportation. In addition, we recommend reading their customer reviews to understand their reputation, the type of standards they have, how well run they are, and if they do a good job or not.

At Intercity Lines, we are a family owned enclosed car carrier that treats our drivers like family, not a number. We also have the best reputation in enclosed car hauling, with 40 years of satisfied customers and 5-star ratings. To drive for the best in enclosed car hauling as an owner-operator or a company driver apply today!

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