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Intercity Lines provides premier, on-demand enclosed New England auto transport to make your life more convenient when looking for a New England auto shipping company. As an enclosed car carrier since 1980, Intercity Lines has perfected enclosed car transport. From our expert truck driver to our state of the art car carriers we take every precaution to provide the safest car transport services for your car with our enclosed shipping services. We strive to make it seamless throughout the entire car shipping shipping services to ship vehicles to their delivery locations.

Intercity Lines is based in Warren, MA making New England and Massachusetts car shipping is our home. In addition to shipping cars nationwide we provide enclosed transport for your car or motorcycle throughout New England. In addition to our enclosed 6 car carriers with liftgates, we have a dedicated 3 car carrier providing top tier service throughout New England including Virginia to reliable Massachusetts auto transport services.

Our 2 car and 3 car carrier can bring your exoticclassic, or race cars to the track or car event and stay throughout the event. All of our auto shipping trailers are fully enclosed and can be used for secure car storage at night after a long day at the track or show. We only hire drivers and team members who are as passionate about vehicles as we are they’ll treat your ride with the respect and care it deserves.

Intercity Lines setting the standard for auto transport companies. Taking the extra steps other car transport companies don’t.

Whether you’re buying your dream car or shipping your vehicle to a different city for a car show or vacation, our enclosed New England auto transport services make it easy. Our expert auto transporters can handle the rarest of cars and will ensure your vehicle arrives in pristine condition. We can also handle shipping non running vehicles with ease as long as they roll, steer, and brake.

We provide on-demand pickups and deliveries to anywhere in New England, including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. We also service all the major airports and ports in New England with our car shipping service. We work with all the major freight forwarders with importing and exporting rare classic car and exotic cars.

At Intercity Lines, we pride ourselves on keeping your vehicle in the same condition it was in when we picked it up. We treat every car the same with the highest standard of care and protection. Our New England auto transport services keep your car safe, from loading to drop-off and is the safest way to ship a car in the auto transport industry all at a fair car shipping quotes.

When we load your vehicle into the enclosed car transport trailer, we use a hydraulic lift gate as opposed to the ramp that most open transport companies use. A hydraulic liftgate lowers flat to the ground to make loading low clearance vehicles easy and keeps the car level throughout loading. Our team then uses nylon straps to secure your vehicle instead of chains, which can cause paint-chipping and other imperfections. The enclosed truck protects your vehicle from debris, hazardous weather, and theft while on the road.

Enclosed auto transport throughout New England and Nationwide

When it’s time to get your car to the track, car show, or shop, don’t abuse it by driving through New England’s pothole salt-covered roads and treacherous weather. Ship it with the United States’ and New England’s most trusted car shipping company, Intercity Lines when looking for an auto transport company near “me”.

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