The Demand for Truck Drivers is Predicted to Surge

Truck drivers deliver seventy percent of all goods in the United States. Currently, there is a shortage of 45,000 truck drivers in the United States. The truck driver shortage is expected to grow to 110,000 truck drivers by 2022. Therefore, the demand for drivers is set to increase consistently and exponentially as the economy grows and so does the shortage.

driver shortage

The increased demand?for truck drivers makes the trucking industry a desirable career path with a lot of job security. This is amplified within the auto transport industry, which has some of the most precious cargo within the trucking industry, Cars! Becoming a car hauler is a great field and will continue to grow as the shortage increases. The number of cars that exist grows exponentially as the number compounds in combination with classic cars and the millions of new vehicles produced each year.

At Intercity Lines, we have more business than we can handle and value our drivers significantly because of this. By hauling some of the world’s most exclusive cars, we cannot just hire anyone. We can only let the top drivers within the industry ship our cars; increasing their worth, pay, and job security significantly. If you’re interested in entering the trucking industry, the high end auto transport market is a very attractive career to pursue. Along with the increasing demand, drivers also get to see and drive the rarest and nicest cars in the world. Along with meeting thousands of other car lovers. If you’re an experienced driver and love cars Apply Today