Whether it’s your first time shipping a car or if you have done it before these articles provide must know tips when shipping a car!

4 mistakes to avoid when shipping your luxury car

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Your Luxury Car


According to Statista, “the luxury car segment currently makes up about six percent of the U.S. car market.” Because only a small number of people own these vehicles, it’s essential that you prioritize your luxury car’s care—especially when you transport it. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make mistakes during the luxury car shipping process. Below, we highlight four mistakes to avoid when shipping your luxury car. This way, you can prevent mishaps before they even happen.

Mistake #1: Refusing to Do Extensive Research

There are plenty of companies out there that offer terrible customer service or charge too many unnecessary fees. If you’re too hasty with your search, you might choose an untrustworthy company, missing out on the more reliable companies. To avoid this, you should conduct thorough research—check out reviews, look for accreditations, compare prices, and select a few potential companies to contact. Trust us, you’ll only thank yourself later.

Mistake #2: Choosing A Company Without Adequate Insurance Coverage

Companies must have appropriate insurance coverage for their customers, but just to be sure, you should ask to see a copy of their policy. If you do end up in a situation where you don’t have sufficient coverage, you may want to request additional coverage in exchange for a fee. You can also ask for coverage from your own insurance company.

Mistake #3: Poor Preparation

There are numerous things a car owner should do before they ship their luxury vehicle. First, before the carrier performs a detailed inspection, you should wash your car and remove your highway toll transponder. Then, be sure you have enough gas to start your car and drive it on and off the trailer. Lastly, examine your vehicle’s battery to make sure it’s charged and properly secured.

Mistake #4: Keeping Personal Items in Your Car

While it’s tempting to keep all your personal items in your vehicle, this effort to make your life easier may end up making it harder. Transport companies are not liable for your items. If you decide to pack items in your car, secure them appropriately to avoid damage. Don’t forget to leave the front two seats open and keep windows unobstructed.

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6 Reasons to Hire a Classic Car Transport Carrier

America is home to five million classic cars, and baby boomers own 2.9 million of them. Car manufacturers created many of America’s most popular classic cars—think Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, and more—between the 1940s and 1960s. Because boomers essentially grew up with these vehicles, many of these folks care deeply about them. Now that baby boomers are relocating for retirement, it’s important that they have the option to ship their classic cars safely. To best protect their vehicles, they may want to consider a reputable auto transport company. Below, we cover six reasons to hire a classic car transport carrier.

You Can Protect Your Vehicle

As you add miles to your car, you put strain on your vehicle’s engine, wheels, and body. This wear and tear can lead to more car maintenance and even a decrease in resale value. However, when you use an auto transport company, your car’s mileage won’t increase because your car will remain stationary until it arrives at its destination.

Shipping companies must also carry their own cargo insurance, so if any issue should arise, you can relax knowing your vehicle is fully covered. An auto transport company’s main priority is to ensure your classic car arrives at your new destination damage-free. Furthermore, while it’s an unlikely event to begin with, you also avoid car theft by using a classic car transport carrier—nobody can steal a car from an enclosed carrier.

You Can Prioritize Your Safety

It’s also worth noting that car transport companies are concerned about your personal safety, too. Completing a long journey behind the wheel undoubtedly takes your full concentration. If you don’t give the road your undivided attention, you can easily get a ticket, or worse, get into an accident. By hiring a carrier, you won’t have to worry about driving and facing potential distractions on the road.

You Can Contribute to a Greener Planet

The more vehicles on the road, the more air and sound pollution they put out into the world. After all, pollution is why many people opt for public transportation. However, if you leave your vehicle with a truck that’s already making the trip, you’ll make less of an environmental impact. The best car transport carriers have trailers that can easily house multiple vehicles, so you can feel good knowing you’re not doing more harm to the environment.

You Can Trust Their Wealth of Knowledge

Many companies have numerous years of experience in protecting classic vehicles on the road. They have qualified and highly-experienced drivers who use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to effectively store your vehicle while it’s in transit. Dependable transport companies also thoroughly understand the legal requirements behind shipping vehicles across state lines. Their employees will always abide by laws and follow best practices, so transporting your car to a new destination won’t be an issue.

Most importantly, auto transport companies recognize that older cars require special attention, so they’ll provide your classic vehicle with the care it deserves. They know how to properly control truck climate, correctly load and secure vehicles, and effortlessly keep car interiors and exteriors protected against dust, oil, rocks, and other debris. Additionally, carriers will track your vehicle throughout its travels, so they’ll know exactly where your car is at each point in its journey. Once the professionals pick up your vehicle, you can trust that it’s in good hands and that they’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

You Can Save Time and Money

When you book with an auto transport company, you receive total peace of mind. Many people stress over driving long distances because it can simply be irritating. You can’t control the traffic, the weather, or, ultimately, your arrival time. You may get stuck traveling in less-than-ideal conditions, watching the minutes tick away. Instead, travel by your preferred method—whether that’s by plane or train—and let a carrier handle the rest. They’ll pick up your car and deliver it to its destination in a timely manner. And because you’re not making a lengthy trek, you can focus on other important things: you won’t have to give up those last-minute home renovations or put off your going-away party.

Plus, let’s not forget about how much a seemingly straightforward road trip can cost. You’ll end up spending money on accommodations, food, and fuel for multiple days—these expenses add up quickly. Car transport companies charge one fee, for which they’ll provide a quote first—and that’s it. Although hiring a business to do the work for you may seem expensive up front, it’s actually a cost-effective choice.

You Have the Option to Ship Multiple Vehicles

Perhaps collecting classic vehicles is a major hobby of yours, or maybe you love selling them. Regardless, if you own more than one classic car, you can thankfully ship them all at once through a car transport company. Its employees will drastically simplify the process for you—all your cars will arrive at your new home at the same time, so you won’t have to drive several cars back and forth. Even better, you won’t have to ask family members or friends to help you drive your classic cars to your next destination. Another perk of transporting multiple vehicles is that many companies will give you a discount.


If you want to be sure you’re maintaining your most prized vehicle’s condition, contact Intercity Lines. For more than three decades, our family-owned business has been a reliable classic car transport carrier for thousands of customers across the nation. Over the years, our professionals have personally shipped hundreds of vehicles—we don’t broker out to other companies. We always treat our customers’ cars as if they were our own—with the utmost care. From the initial quote to delivery, we go the extra mile during every step in the shipping process. No matter your reason for transporting your classic car, we ensure it will arrive at its new destination without issues. Book your order today! If you have any questions regarding shipping, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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5 Questions to Ask Before A Company Ships Your Luxury Car

5 Questions to Ask Before A Company Ships Your Luxury Car

A luxury car is a huge investment. In fact, according to Your Mechanic, “Americans spend 5% of their income on purchasing a car. Another 5% goes towards ongoing maintenance and insurance costs.” If you’re moving soon, you should consider working with an auto transporter that will thoroughly protect your prized possession. Below, we cover five questions to ask before a company ships your luxury car.

How Can I Prepare My Vehicle for The Shipping Process?

Although the entire shipping process takes a few weeks, it’s important to begin preparing now. First, thoroughly clean your vehicle from the inside out. Plus, you should remove personal belongings from your car. Auto transporters are not responsible for items in the vehicle.  Also, make sure your car has gas. Your car won’t need a full tank for its journey, but it’s okay to have less than a half tank of gas in your vehicle. Make sure the battery is fully charged and secured before auto transport to avoid an additional fee for a non-running vehicle if the battery is dead. Finally, be sure to remove your EZ pass transponder and any other toll transponders! It is possible for the transponder to be read and charged while the car is in the trailer.

How Does Your Company Transport Cars?

Auto transport companies ship cars using either open or enclosed carriers. While both methods have pros and cons, it’s up to you to decide which shipping method you prefer. At Intercity Lines, we use enclosed car carriers to carefully transport luxury vehicles from point A to point B.

Is Your Company Insured, Licensed, and Registered?

A dependable auto transport company has the credentials to prove you can trust them with your vehicle. Businesses that offer cross-country transport services must be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. If you plan to ship your vehicle internationally, the businesses you’re considering should have a special license from the Federal Maritime Commission.

By law, car shipping companies should be fully insured. In this case, be sure to ask about the business about the type of coverage they carry. If they offer adequate coverage, you can relax knowing the company will properly cover your car through the shipping process—even during emergencies. However, don’t be afraid to ask if they can increase your vehicle’s coverage.

How Does Scheduling Work?

Auto transport companies request that their customers remain flexible and open; you may be charged extra fees for strict pickup windows. This is because you’ll need to keep in mind that trucks’ schedules aren’t always easy to predict in advance. From unexpected breakdowns and sick drivers to traffic and the weather, there are many factors that can affect auto transport carriers. Carriers will give you their most honest estimate on how long you must wait before they can pick up your vehicle.

What Differentiates Your Company from Local Competitors?

The best companies value their customers, putting their needs (and their vehicles) first. These businesses should also be able to demonstrate that they have the experience necessary to ship luxury vehicles.

If you’re in the process of choosing a reputable auto transport company, we hope you consider Intercity Lines. Since 1980, our enclosed trucks and trailers carried a wide variety of vehicles, including antiques, classics, and exotics. Request a quote today—we look forward to exceeding your expectations!