Fully Enclosed Race Car Transportation

Intercity Lines offers fully enclosed and insured race car transportation to and from the track. Our drivers can pick your car up from your driveway at home and ship your race car to any track in the country safely and securely. We specialize in the transportation of vintage, classic, and contemporary racing vehicles. Intercity Lines has over thirty-five years of experience shipping race cars and understands the fine details of enclosed race car transport, accounting for their unique bodies, low clearance, and other attributes that require the care and handling of true car enthusiasts and professionals.

Top of the Line Enclosed Transport for your Race Car!

  • We offer Door to Door (some restrictions may apply) insured race car transportation! From your driveway to the race track your race car will stay on the same truck with the same driver from pick up until it reaches its destination.
  • $2 Million Cargo Insurance to ensure your race car is protected throughout its journey
  • Air ride suspension in the trailers
  • Liftgate loading ensures low clearance is never an issue
  • Professional and experienced drivers ensure that even the rarest of race cars are handled appropriately during the enclosed race car shipping process.

When preparing to ship your race car, we assure you that our expert drivers using nylon straps and air ride auto transport trailers to keep your race car safe to and from the race track! In addition to our enclosed race car shipping services, we have $2 Million worth of cargo insurance to ensure your race car is protected in the worst of events. We can also provide on-site storage on our trailers to give your car safe and secure storage when it’s off the track. Learn more about Our Enclosed Auto Transport Services and request a quote today!

intercity lines race car transportation
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intercity lines race car transportation

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