Based in Massachusetts, Intercity Lines has provided weekly car shipments to and from Florida for over forty years. Snowbirds, loyal customers, use Intercity Lines to transport their cars between the Northeast and Southeast regions.

Intercity Lines makes shipping cars to and from Florida simple with enclosed transport, skilled drivers, and regular shipments.

We make it easy to ship your car between Florida and Cape Cod, the Islands, or Long Island. We offer $2 million worth of cargo insurance to give you peace of mind. It protects your vehicle from pickup to delivery.

Our skilled drivers and enclosed car carriers with lift gates will protect your car during transportation. Our truck drivers will inform you until they deliver your car to you. Intercity Lines safely transports cars to Florida, giving vehicle owners peace of mind with enclosed and insured service.

Ship your favorite vehicles to Florida, like classic cars, luxury cars, race cars, or motorcycles, with our enclosed Florida car transport service. Enjoy them wherever you go, no matter the season.

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Door-to-Door Enclosed Florida Car Transport Service

Door-to-door (some restrictions may apply) fully enclosed transport anywhere within the continental United States. Based in Massachusetts, we specialize in snowbird car shipping to Florida. With weekly scheduling from the Northeast to Florida, it makes it easy to ship a car to Florida regardless of the type of vehicle.

Enclosed Car Carrier with our fleet of enclosed trailers, not an Auto Transport Broker

We have our own trucks and don’t use brokers to send your cars to unknown shipping companies. When they broker out your car transport to other car shipping companies, you can only research the company shipping your car once they are at your home picking up your vehicle.

You have to trust the auto transport broker and face the consequences if they work with low quality carriers. Brokers are also notorious for changing the final shipping cost after they’ve taken a deposit. Along with not telling car owners that they should have more insurance coverage for expensive cars like classics, luxury, or exotics.

$2 Million of Cargo Insurance Coverage on every enclosed transport load

$2 million insurance covers your vehicle during shipping from pick up to delivery. No matter what type of car you own, you can feel safe. This is because you have more protection and better insurance coverage compared to most companies in the industry.

Expert Florida car shipping equipment and drivers. We never use nor do we own any open carrier trailers.

Our skilled drivers and enclosed carriers keep valuable, rare, and vintage cars safe during car transport, avoiding the risks of open carriers. An open carrier exposes your vehicle to road debris, weather, and onlookers, which is risky when transporting luxury and exotic cars. A fully enclosed trailer, on the other hand, protects your vehicle from these risks when transporting a vehicle to Florida

Open car carriers use ramps to load vehicles instead of hydraulic lift gates on enclosed carriers like ours. These ramps are risky for cars with low ground clearance, but our enclosed carrier ensures safe loading for such vehicles.

We only use covered car transport trailers for our enclosed car shipping services. We believe in using the safest equipment and methods available when shipping a car to Florida, so we don’t own any open transport trailers. Our goal is to ensure a smooth car shipping experience when you choose our Florida enclosed vehicle transport services. Being in Massachusetts, we specialize in shipping a vehicle to Florida.

Top-notch customer service

Top-notch customer service you deserve. Our car shipping experts will keep you informed during transport. Our office is available to help with Florida vehicle transport, updates, and any questions you have during your snowbird car shipments.

We always know exactly where your vehicle is during transport.

We continuously track the shipment of your vehicle until we safely deliver it, so we always know the location of your car. Our fully enclosed carrier will also ensure your vehicle is safe and hidden from outsiders’ eyes during shipment to the Southeast.

Our enclosed Florida car shipping services are the safest way to ship a vehicle to and from Florida.

Our Florida enclosed auto transport service to Florida is the safest auto transport available. We use enclosed transport with liftgate loading, two car covers, and more to protect your vehicle.

We also use seat and floor covers. Our securement method with nylon straps over the tires ensures the safest way to ship any vehicle to and from Florida. Our trailers protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, road salt, and debris. This is especially important when shipping from New York or other cold states.

Confidential enclosed Florida auto transport services:

We’re truckers, not car dealers. So, there’s never a conflict of interest, and we take privacy extremely seriously when shipping cars to and from Florida. We always prioritize confidentiality, especially for a valuable vehicle or exotic auto transport.

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If you don’t see your question below, please visit Frequently Asked Auto Transport Questions for a more extensive list of the most common enclosed auto shipping questions and topics. Our FAQs and Blogs provide all the information you need about car shipping. If you want to ship a car or learn about auto transport, you can find it there. Our team is always an email or call away for further assistance.


Intercity Lines schedules timing for snowbird vehicle transport to and from Florida weekly. We do not take a deposit, so we ask that you fill out our instant car shipping quote and booking form and let us know what week you would like your car picked up. The cost of shipping is the total price of transport. There may be additional fees if you pack over 100 lbs of items and suitcases or if your vehicle does not run.

Our pickup dates are typically from Sunday to the following Wednesday. After pickup, it generally takes 5-7 days for the vehicle to arrive.

We try our best to stick to the ten-day pickup window, but there are factors that may affect the schedule. Book your vehicle for our enclosed car transport services at least a month in advance to ensure availability. We’ll make transporting your car easy whether you’re shipping to or from the state of Florida to Virginia, New JerseyNew York, and most places up to Maine!


Snowbirds often wonder if they can load their cars onto our trailer when moving to or from their second home. Car transport companies often prohibit packing additional items in the vehicle. This is because they must adhere to liability and weight regulations imposed on all carriers. We allow you to pack your vehicle with up to 100 lbs of items.

100lb limit of personal items packed in the car during shipment

Intercity Lines does allow you to pack up to 100 lbs of items in your vehicle. Typically, two full suitcases will meet the 100lb limit. If the driver arrives and feels that the additional items weigh significantly more than 100 lbs, we will be forced to apply a $250 packing fee to your order unless the items are unpacked. The packing fee may be higher or vary depending on the weight and if there are any items outside the vehicle.

We are not responsible for these items, so make sure they are packed and secured in the vehicle.

Don’t block the auto transport driver’s view; do not pack illegal or dangerous items in the vehicle for enclosed Florida car shipping.

Do not put these items in the front seats or anywhere that blocks the driver’s view from the car transporter windows. Please don’t put any dangerous, hazardous, flammable, or illegal things in your car when using our enclosed transport services.

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Intercity Lines is a family-owned business that offers top-notch customer service for transporting cars across the country. Our drivers use enclosed trailers with hydraulic lift gates to safely transport your vehicle to and from Florida. We can help you easily ship your car along the East Coast, whether you’re in New York, Virginia, or Maine.

During the enclosed Florida car shipping, we treat each car with white glove care.

We take care of every car we transport as if it were ours. Each vehicle gets special treatment, like seat covers, a cloth, and a plastic cover to protect it during transport. This ensures that we handle the car safely and with care while shipping it in an enclosed trailer.

Our experts inspect your car twice – once when we pick it up and once when we deliver it. This ensures that your car arrives safely and in the same condition as when we received it. Our drivers are polite and focused on customer satisfaction. They aim to keep you informed during the enclosed shipping of your vehicle.

Book your car transport to and from Florida now! Limited availability for this popular enclosed snowbird route. Don’t wait!

One of our most popular routes for snowbirds to ship their cars is between the Northeast, including major cities, and Florida. This includes cat transport from NY to Florida.

We have many car transport carriers that go from New England to Florida each week. We service the entire Northeast with these same weekly services. Whether you transport cars from NY to the sunshine state or the rest of the Northeast our team has you covered. This lets our customers choose a specific week to use our enclosed car transport services.

We have a high demand for our seasonal enclosed auto shipping in this lane and always book up, so reserve your enclosed car transport services to and from your season homes in Florida, the Southwest, and beyond.

Book your Florida enclosed auto shipping services with us today!

We offer modern enclosed carriers, car transport specialists, and excellent customer service. Our services make shipping your car between Florida smooth and effortless. Whether you need car transport NY to Florida or anywhere else in the country our team can help.

We specialize in enclosed car transport services. You can get a quick instant Florida car transport quote for shipping your car to or from Florida. You don’t need to provide a deposit or credit card information.

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