Has your phone run out of juice? You can now charge your mobile on-the-go and in a jiffy, thanks to Chargefon, the number one shared power bank rental service in the United States. We are available in the cities of New York, Orlando, Portland and Miami.

Our customer support is available round the clock to note down complaints and on hand to resolve them. Since the Chargefon brand is committed to serving its customers with state-of-the-art facilities and first-class customer service, we are open to recommendations by users. Our compliance with latest technological trends can help us implement these recommendations as soon as possible.

A stand out feature for Chargefon is the fast charge technology in all its power banks. Our industry-complaint power banks can charge your mobile devices in as little as one hour regardless of its battery capacity.

Unable to surf the internet due to low charge? No plug points close to you? Chargefon should be your next point of call. Using our GPS-enabled mobile app available on Google Play and iOS app stores, you can locate the nearest Chargefon phone charging station closest to you.

We have several charging docks built in our charging stations. These docks come with power bank slots from where you can slide out a power bank for use. After charging, you can return the power bank to whichever Chargefon station is closest to you at that point.

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