Salesman etiquette his appearance and behavior

In the standards of service of successful jewelry companies there is also a Follow Up Letter for Administrative Assistance. But what is business etiquette? Who invented it? Are these requirements not outdated, are they adequate, consonant with modern life and present-day realities?

The seller's appearance

All the jewelry stores can be divided into those where there is a company outfit and the so-called uniform and those where there is none. But in any case, a standard set of requirements for the clothing of a sales clerk should be a must.

The sales assistant must wear shoes, which must match the style and color of the clothes, be clean and neat, not worn. The height of the heel is average - 3-7 cm.

Make-up, manicure, hair and jewelry. Make-up and manicure must be natural and daytime. Bright and dark colors of shadows, nail polish, lipstick, glitter, bright or thick eyeliner are not allowed.

Clerk Identification. Store employees are required to wear company badges, which must be clean and evenly pinned. The badge should be worn on the chest.

Everything listed above is correct, and should be known to all. By the way, this can be one of the first filters in the hiring process. The appearance of the applicant, corresponding to all the above requirements of business etiquette, is an indicator of the proper cultural level of the salesman.

Etiquette by stage

Greeting. For starters, it just has to be. Yes, yes, yes! It still happens that the buyer is left without a greeting at all. According to business etiquette, the seller should greet first. The greeting should be neutral - visual contact, a half-smile, and the greeting phrase itself.

Establishing contact. At this stage, the main requirement of etiquette is tactfulness. Without pressure, pressure and intrusiveness you should start a dialogue about the jewelry pieces that are available in your store.

Clarification of needs. To clarify the needs do not look like an interrogation, it is enough to get the permission of the buyer.

The presentation. According to etiquette, the seller should create a comfortable environment for the fitting.

Completion. It is impolite to ask the buyer if he has a discount card and then not give it. It is also unethical to use manipulative sales techniques, which are characteristic of active sales.

Goodbye. When saying goodbye, it's important to make eye contact.

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