Everything You Need To Know About Increasing Your Following On The Instagram

When it first came out, Instagram was thought to be another fun social media network for kids and teenagers. Hence, it started out as just another platform to post pictures and an excuse to not spend as much quality time with parents (much to their chagrin). However, it has evolved into so much more in the past few years.

Especially after the collaboration with Facebook, the platform has grown into a very lucrative marketing platform where countless people are coming out with their startups and businesses and making loads of money off of it as well. There are also scores of individuals who are now being referred to as ‘Instagram Famous,’ after having become celebrities of sorts on the platform, making profits simply by posting regularly owing to their large numbers of followers.

This goes to show how your follower count can seriously affect your social media presence on Instagram, keep reading to find out how you can increase your followers on the platform as well!

Come Up With and Promote Your Personal Hashtag

If you have been around on Instagram for some period of time, you are probably aware of the term ‘Hashtag.’ This is one of the important features on Instagram to keep track of because including the right kind of hashtags to your post, and your profile can make all the difference when it comes to reaching out to your target audience visit website page.

Since there is so much content on Instagram, an easy way to access relevant posts is by searching up specific hashtags. Therefore, come up with your own Hashtag that will be representative of your profile/business, etc. in order to mark your territory in your particular niche to attract the relevant audience demographic to your page.

Give Your Two Cents in Trending Conversations

Trending conversations or hashtags are typically the most talked about topics on Instagram at any given moment. Find ways to incorporate yourself into these conversations by following the comments and posting stuff of your own in return with a similar Hashtag or comment on the post itself. This will help you engage with people who are also commenting on the post, which will ultimately allow you to get in touch with potential followers on a more personal level.

Get Creative with Your Captions

Coming up with fun and creative captions is another way to set yourself apart from other profiles and accounts on Instagram. The post itself has to be attractive as well, but pairing it with a nice caption can really put it over the top. It allows the people who visit your page to get to know more about you and what your profile is all about, compelling them to follow you in return.


With these little tips and tricks under your sleeve, your Instagram following count will hopefully grow by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. Keep to it, and your profile will be better for it, best of luck!

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