Barista resume

Why does a barista need a resume?

Just yesterday, the profession of barista was considered an intermediate link between school and adult life. Students forged after couples, on weekends. Today, the coffee market has created a whole subculture. The profession of barista has become fashionable, in demand. From trendy cafes with euro imports and ending with a reliable latte on the corner, baristas have become a significant part of the foodservice industry. Thus, writing services are gaining popularity for a barista resume.

Whether you are just starting in this field or already have the experience, you need a qualified resume. There is also an option that you want to become a manager. Here you need to describe your career growth and personal skills correctly.

The first one is about your skills if you have no experience. If you are confident in your barista skills but have no experience working in a cafe, this resume format is recommended. This type of resume focuses on skills, making it ideal for coffee lovers who lack work experience or gaps in their work history.

And the second is about "functional" and "reverse chronological", those baristas who have the necessary skills and experience may use this format. If you realize that you have gaps in executive responsibilities, try to close them. This is done so that your resume is filled only with useful information for your field. Baristas try to please their client. That is the difference between a coffee machine and live communication. Students and young people have many opportunities to earn new things and entertainment — it all depends on persistence and desire. The question of finding a job worries many people today. Students are no exception. Who doesn't want to become independent of their parents, save money for a cherished iPhone or even their first car?

A barista's duties — making coffee and entertaining customers in a few words at the time of tedious waiting for a drink. For such work, today pay every day, plus 2-4% of revenue. The working day is from 6 to 10 hours. For this work, it is necessary to have a sanitary book. You can find vacancies on social networks, on job sites, as well as by contacting the owner of the point. His number can be taken from his future colleague, the current barista.

What skills do baristas need? First of all — this is basic knowledge:

  1. a combination of drinks to be able to prompt the client.
  2. etiquette and rules of communication with people.
  3. rules for serving drinks.
  4. Of course, you need to understand the menu, prices, and features of the drinks' recipes served in the institution.

The waiter must be able to control their emotions because he must remain friendly and smiling in any situation.

  • And, of course, to have a high level of ability to communicate with people.

If we list the benefits that you can have working as a barista, then remember the following 

  • You can get a job with almost no experience.
  •  Flexible work schedule.
  • The level of income depends on the professionalism.
  • Some establishments provide free drinks for staff.

The disadvantages include 

  • Psychological tension through working with people.
  • Constant work on his feet.
  • Deductions from the salary when the client has not paid for the drink.

If you want to find a prestigious barista job, you should have a resume. Professional services will be able to present your personality traits so that you will be able to get the desired position even without work experience. As a result, it can be argued that the barista profession is an invaluable experience with coffee and other beverages. And don't forget that with the barista resume, you'll experience working with people, which may also be needed in your future career.

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