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The Demand for Truck Drivers is Predicted to Surge

70 percent of all goods in the United States are delivered by trucks. Currently, there is a shortage of 30,000 truck drivers in the United States. This is expected to grow to a shortage of 239,000 truck drivers by 2022. This makes the demand for drivers grow consistently and exponentially as the economy grows and so does the shortage. Making the trucking industry a very attractive career path with a lot of job security. This is amplified within the auto transport industry, which has some of the most precious cargo within the trucking industry, Cars! Becoming a car hauler is a great field and will continue to grow as the shortage increases. The number of cars that have exist grows exponentially as the number compounds in combination with classic cars and the millions of new cars produced each year. At Intercity Lines, we have more business than we can handle and value our drivers significantly because of this. By hauling some of the world’s most exclusive cars we cannot just hire anyone. We can only let the top drivers within the industry ship our cars; increasing their worth, pay, and job security significantly. If you’re interested in entering the trucking industry, the high end auto transport market is a very attractive career to pursue. Along with the increasing demand, drivers also get to see and drive the rarest and nicest cars in the world. Along with meeting thousands of other car lovers. Our drivers can make well over a $100,000 a year, some clearing well beyond that into the $2-300,000 range. If you’re an expert driver and love cars Apply Today

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Intercity Lines to Update Fleet

Intercity  Lines to Update  Trucking Fleet!

with 18 New Auto Transport Trailers!

intercity lines kentucky trailer being builtDavid and Linda Wilson, the owners of Intercity  Lines, Inc, have contracted a partnership with  Kentucky Trailer Technologies to manufacture eighteen new auto transport trailers and  update the Intercity  fleet.  Each of the new fifty-three foot auto transporters feature state-of-the-art design,  including a lighter weight to optimize fuel savings. Additionally, the trailers also feature wider decks to accommodate the new and wider bodies of today’s automobiles.  The manufacturing of the new auto transporters will begin immediately, in which the last trailer is scheduled to be delivered in the fall of 2015. Kentucky Trailer Tech has built the majority of the trailers Intercity Lines currently operates, and looks forward to further collaboration with them on this four million dollar project.  Financing for the Intercity fleet update will be provided in part by the Spencer Savings Bank of Spencer, Massachusetts.

Since 1980, family owned and operated Intercity Lines has been providing automobile transportation services to European and Asian automobile manufacturers, collector car enthusiasts, automobile museums and auction companies, and has built a reputation as “America’s Premiere Auto Transport Company.”

Kentucky Trailer has been a longtime forerunner in the transportation business, tracing its legacy of innovation since its founding in 1879.  Today, Kentucky Trailer is the leading manufacturer of custom moving vans for the moving and storage industry.  Kentucky Trailer Technologies, an operating division of Kentucky Trailer based in Walled Lake, Michigan, builds a wide and diverse variety of custom trailers and specialty vehicles for auto transport companies, mobile marketing, as well as medical, command and mobile platforms for government.

Spencer Savings Bank has been a financial leader since being founded in 1871 by a group of local businessmen. Located in Spencer, Massachusetts, in addition to having branches throughout Central Mass, Spencer Savings Bank has helped countless individuals, families and business owners build greater financial security.  Intercity Lines has enjoyed a banking relationship with Spencer Savings Bank for the last twenty five years and appreciates working personally with Spencer President and CEO K. Michael Robbins and Vice President Kyle S. Bourque on the purchase of these auto transport trailers.

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